End of tenancy cleaning in St John's Wood, NW8 postcode area

Choosing The Right End of Tenancy Cleaning in West Brompton

Many people in West Brompton rent either apartments or condominiums. Usually, they make a contract that lasts for more than 12 months. Before the tenants move in, they have to invest a large amount of money for a deposit they have to handle to the landlord as a guarantee that they will take a good care of his property. The agreement that the landlord and the tenants conclude consists of specific clauses that determine the condition the property should have when the tenants leave. If these clauses are not met, the tenant is not going to get his deposit back.

To ensure that the work will be properly done and the apartment will be perfectly cleaned, the tenants have to use professional end of tenancy cleaning in West Brompton at the end of their contract.

Why professional end of tenancy services are necessary?

The cleaning professionals know how to complete the work in a perfect way. Their goal is to meet all the specifications in the contract, so that the rights of both the owner and the tenant are protected.

Unlike the USA when the new tenant is responsible for the cleaning of the place he is going to move in, in the UK the tenant who is leaving the property needs to assure its perfect cleanness. So when the tenants in West Brompton leave a house, they should ensure that no stains are left on the carpets, floor or upholstery, that the house is not full of clutters, the appliances and windows are clean along with all the other areas in the house.

Professional end of tenancy cleaning vs. cheap end of tenancy cleaning

Professional end of tenancy cleaning in West Brompton ensures that no dirt has left in the house and that the new tenant will move in a perfectly clean apartment. The landlords are not satisfied when the tenants opt for cheap end of tenancy services, as they often leave uncleaned areas and dirt. Especially, the places that are hard to reach require a special attention. These are kitchen and bathroom, but cheap and unexperienced cleaners often skip them.

As a result, the property will not attract the next tenants because of the dirt and stains left there. In such a case, the landlord is forced to retain the deposit and to spend it for expensive end of tenancy cleaning services to ensure superior quality. That is how the tenants can lose a lot of money.

What professional end of tenancy cleaners do?

They clean all the areas and provide a long list of services that include:

  • Cleaning the refrigerator, filter system, cooker hoods, and oven
  • Cleaning the cupboards, toasters, microwave, shelving tops, and the washing machine
  • Applying upholstery and curtain cleaning
  • Mattress and carpet cleaning
  • Cleaning the bathroom and kitchen from floor up to the ceiling
  • Cleaning and polishing the tiles and other surfaces

When choosing a cleaning company to perform end of tenancy cleaning for you, ensure they use eco-friendly cleaning solutions and apply the steam cleaning method, as it is considered to be the only method that provides deep cleaning. This will ensure that you will get your deposit back.

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