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How to Clean Barber Carpets?

Many people fell in love with the barber carpets and prefer to decorate their house with them. However, their cleaning requires specific technique that will ensure you will not deteriorate their look.

Different types of barber carpets

The first thing to know before going to clean the barber carpet is the type of the fibre it is made of.


If you have opted for a   cheaper price, most probably your carpet is made of olefin, which material is known to attract oils. The oils could be accumulated from cooking if your carpet is in the kitchen, or from shoes or even from skin. If you have that type of carpet, the best option is to call cleaning professionals, as the oily carpets of olefin are extremely hard to clean even for cleaning experts. You have no chances to do it yourself.


If your carpet is made of nylon, you would be able to clean it easy without professional help.

Since all the barber carpets have a tight weave, they tend to hold water after cleaning, which may provoke appearance of mildew. Additionally, while it is wet, the carpet seems clean, but after drying, the oily stains reappear. To avoid these downsides, you might opt for dry cleaning method.

Sometimes, the carpet might seem dirty, but the cause might be hidden into the crushed loops that reflect light, which means that the carpet is damaged. This usually happens in the areas with a high traffic. If that is the case, you can simply think about buying a new carpet instead of wasting time to clean the old one.

How to keep your barber carpet well maintained?

There are four methods to do that and we will consider them below:

Prevention: You can save yourself a lot of troubles, if you keep your olefin carpet from oily stains. The good news is that this carpet resists to spills of any kind, except for the oils. To avoid problems with cleaning, just place your carpet at the outside entrance and ask people to take off their shoes before stepping on the carpet.

Vacuuming: It is very essential what type of vacuum cleaner to choose when it comes to barber carpet cleaning. Avoid using a vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush, as it will damage the carpet. Instead, choose one that is without a brush and with high suction. Since this kind of vacuum cleaners are versatile, you can conveniently use them on hardwood floors, too.


Removing the stains from the barber carpets: To remove all kinds of stains from your barber carpet whether these are animal accidents or spills, use a baking soda and throw it on the stain. Do not rub and wait for 20 seconds. Then, vacuum the baking soda up. This process should be repeated as many times as needed until the liquid is fully absorbed. The extra moisture can be blotted with a clean towel.

Cleaning with rug doctors: You can use such a machine to make the carpet cleaner. Just remember to not use any brush or too much water. The best option is to call professional carpet cleaners like Mvir Cleaning, which will take care of the cleaning.

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