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How to Clean a Bleach Stain on Carpet?

You or a member of your household may have been concentrating on cleaning some laundry using bleach. Bleach is a valued cleaning product that can deal with bacteria and germs. Then an accidental kick on the bleach container sends it flying across the room before landing at the center of the carpet, spilling its contents on your beautiful carpet. An ugly stain appears at the center of your carpet where the bleach container landed.


If you are one of those do-it-yourself fanatics, then relax. This is because there several ways you can apply to comfortably remove the bleach stain from your carpet.

Manufacturers manual

You are advised to consult both the carpet’s and bleach’s manufacturer instructions manuals before deciding to tackle the stain. Alternatively, you can contact the local dealer of the carpet and bleach.


Just like any stain, the safest and cost-effective way of removing a bleach stain is to tackle it immediately you notice it.  Start by blotting it with water and a rag, clean towel or even paper towel. You must not make things worse by avoiding at all costs scrubbing or rubbing the bleach.

If not, there are various methods you can remove a bleach stain from your carpet.

Method 1

Start by mixing a quarter teaspoon of mild dish soap with a cup of warm water and then sprinkle the solution on the stain. After waiting for five to ten minutes, start rubbing the stain with a clean rag or sponge starting from the edges towards the center so that you do not spread it. Rinse it with clean cold water and leave to dry.

Method 2

You can also create another cleaning solution by mixing four cups of warm water with two teaspoons of white vinegar and sprinkle on the stained area of your carpet. Then wait for five minutes before rubbing it with a cloth or sponge. Repeat the process if the stain does not go away. The rinse with cold water. Gently press paper towels on the stain to absorb as much water as possible. Once the area is dry, go over it with a vacuum. Wait for the vinegar smell to disappear.

Method 3

Upon blotting the stain as soon as you notice it, take a crayon whose colour is as close to the colour of your carpet as possible and then colour the carpet fibers. Once the colour is absorbed, use a wet towel to gingerly blend the crayon’s colour into the carpet.

Bleach whitening

Chances are the whitening effect of the bleach may not disappear. You may need to cover it up. If the stain is small, you may try using a commercial carpet repair kit or a fabric pen to re-colour the area.

If, however, the unsightly bleach stain stubbornly refuses to go, seek the help of Mvir Cleaning professional carpet cleaning company. Their expertise and technology will help you get rid of it once and for all.

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