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How to Clean Burnt Carpet off an Iron?

The condition and general appearance of your carpet can easily affect how your visitors perceive your house.  Often than not, most people iron in their sitting or dining rooms. From time to time, the iron box could slip or get knocked off the ironing board by accident. It may be because your attention is focussed elsewhere or a kid running around knocks it off the ironing board.


Once the iron lands on the carpet, it is likely to affect its appearance. The iron may not be that hot and, therefore, not burn the fibers. It will just leave some marks that you can simply clean away. If, however, you snatch it up immediately, it will burn only the surface fibers. This is easy to deal with because all you need is a little trimming of the burnt fibers. If you delay picking it up or it is red hot, however, it will burn the fibers extensively, creating an ugly burnt-out patch.  This may necessitate you to find a way of replacing the part of the carpet that is burnt out.


It is advisable to brush away or vacuum clean the burnt area to remove any loose fiber. This will enable you to have a clean carpet area to work on. This way the extent of the damage of your carpet will become clear to you after cleaning the burnt area. This will determine what measure you will take next to repair the affected patch.

Scorch marks

To clear the scorch marks, you will need any cleaning agent you will access. Others, however, recommend the use of hydrogen peroxide and water to remove them. Just dip a clean white towel in the solution you have prepared and clean the area from the edges towards the centre. Continue until the stain comes off and then use clean water to rinse clean. Then let to dry.


If the fibers are burnt out, using a utility knife, scalpel or a pair of scissors, to trim the burnt out area carefully. Then find a conspicuous area of the carpet-near a hidden corner or under a cupboard or wall unit-and gently cut a piece of the carpet larger than the burnt out area. Ensure the colour and fibres of the area you are cutting out matches the area around the burnt part of the carpet. Then, using glue or double-sided adhesive carpet tape; stick the cut-out piece of the carpet to the burnt area of the carpet.

It is advisable to allow the repaired area, glue or adhesive to dry for some time.

Professional service

If, however, you are unsure or uncomfortable to carry out the repair on your own, you can consult a relative, friend or neighbour who has done it before. But then if you do not find anyone conversant with the procedure, you can contact Mvir Cleaning carpet professionals to repair your carpet for you.

The best solution, however, is to be always careful whenever you are ironing.


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