How to clean carpet floor mats for cars?

Usually, purchasing a second-hand car involves close inspection of floor mats along with other things. Car owners, who hope to get a better price, should ensure their car floor mats are perfectly clean, as they are noticeable for the client.

Why the carpet floor mats are needed?

  • Most people search for cars with floor mats, as they will save the car’s floor from tear or wear.
  • Another purpose is to keep the feet from flipping, especially if people opt for quality mats with a rubber backing. They ensure that the feet remain firmly on the ground while people are driving instead of slipping under the pedal.

How to clean the carpet mats?

Let’s consider you already have a new car, but after a few month and rainy or snowy season, you noticed the first signs of dirty on them. Or maybe your kids have dropped their juice bottles on them leaving large stains on the mats.

How to improve the look of the car? Obviously, starting from the floor mats. The more quality they are, the easier they will be washed and cleaned. The process of cleaning with DIY solution is fast and simple and consists of the following steps:

  1. Pick up all the large and small object that lay on the carpet. Also remove from the car all important things to make it as empty as possible and prepared for the cleaning. Take out the car floor mats and try to shake off all the crumbs and dirt from them.
  2. The next step is to thoroughly vacuum clean the carpets. For this purpose, use a handheld vacuum cleaner. Do not miss the areas under the seats, pedals and other difficult-to-reach places.
  3. The carpets are your next concern. Make a homemade stain removal. There are two ways to do this stain removal solution. You can mix in equal parts vinegar, Dawn dish soap and water and place the liquid in pulveriser or mix equal parts of Dawn dish soap and Hydrogen peroxide. The solution is so strong that you can use it for cleaning white clothes from stubborn stains. And it is safe for water-safe fabrics.
  4. Spray this homemade cleaning solution over the mats.
  5. If the mats are washer friendly, throw them into the washer using your usual detergent.
  6. Let them completely dry before using them again.

There is a golden rule among carpet cleaners. It states that the sooner you treat the stain after it occurs, the better chance you have to complete remove it. Before pouring the solution over the stain, make a test with a very small area to see whether the colours remain intact. If the first application of the solution didn’t work completely, you can repeat the procedure as many times as necessary to remove the stains completely. When treating stains, clean the whole section and not the stain only to avoid appearance of rings.

Mvir Cleaning in London is always at your disposal to clean your car floor mats if you are unable to clean them by yourself.

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