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How to Clean Chewing Gum from Carpet?

There are some very beneficial tips given below that can help people prevent some sticky situation when the chewing gum gets into your precious carpet. It is really a daunting task to remove the gum from the carpet fibres or from a woollen rug. Do not try to pull up it right away, or you will damage the delicate fibres. Instead, follow these tips:

Removing gum with a hair dryer

Apply heat to the gum until it is softened enough to stick to the plastic bag or a cleaning rug you are trying to remove it with. To avoid damaging the fibres, proceed slowly and continue to blot and lift until the entire gum is removed. If the gum gets harden again, reapply the heat with a hair dryer.

However, you should apply this method with caution, as too big heat may cause melting of the fibres, especially if the carpet is made of a synthetic material or wool. It is a good idea to test a small area before moving to the visible parts.

Freezing method

The most common method for gum removal is by using an ice cube. The ice is applied directly on the gum for about 20 minutes. After the gum hardens enough, it will be easier for you to remove it from the carpet. You need to just gently pick it at the edges without pulling it up. Do it slowly, so the carpet fibres could be released. If the gum leaves traces behind, you can lightly scrub with cleaning detergent to remove all the residue. As with the heat method, try the cleaning solution on a hidden area first, to ensure it is safe enough to be applied directly on the visible surface.

Using a cleaning solution

This method should be applied on older gum spots. For this purpose, you can use either a gel-based solvent or a dry cleaning solution to come with that challenge. This could be a grease, oil or paint remover that should stay for a while to work on the gum. Then, get a plastic spoon to gently scrub it. Do not lift the gum using a knife, as this will damage the carpet’s pile.

After-cleaning instructions

Whatever method you choose to follow, rinse carefully the carpet from any remaining chemicals or solvents that might be left using a mixture from water and baking soda. This will effectively neutralize all acidic products removing the smells and colours from them. Dry the area by blotting with a clean cloth and apply a folded cloth to remove the water from inside completely. You can even add a heavy item to press the cloth to the carpet and leave it for a few minutes to blot the remaining moisture.

If your carpet is too delicate to stand the described above methods that involve scrubbing, the best decision would be to call professional carpet cleaners to deal with the situation. They will come with all the necessary tools and equipment that will ensure both full removal of the gum from the fibres and the safety of your carpet during the cleaning procedure.

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