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How to clean clay off carpet

Someone has just knocking on your door. On checking through the keyhole, you notice it is your uncle who stays nearby standing at your doorstep. You open the door and politely usher him in away from the pouring rain outside. He walks straight to the nearest couch and sinks in. He never bothered to remove his shoes, which have muddy clay, before walking on your crisp clean carpet. After an hour of chatting he announces suddenly that he has to leave because the rain has subsided. You escort him to the door, say bye and close the door as he walks away.

Clay stain

Unfortunately, in his wake he has left you with a large ugly clay stain on your carpet. You are too tired after a day’s work and because it is late, you decide that you will deal with the clay stain in the morning and you go to bed.

In the morning, you have two options: do-it-yourself or call professional carpet cleaners like Mvir Cleaning.

Attack it immediately

The easiest and fastest way to deal immediately with a clay stain on a carpet is to attack it. For instance, immediately your uncle left, you could have tried washing spot of the carpet soiled by the clay with cold water and soap or detergent. Apply the same process if in the morning the stain has not dried.

Brush it off

If, however, it has dried, to remove it you need to brush the clay or mud stain with a stiff bristled brush. Brush hard enough and, using a dust collector, gather the large chunks of mud and any other dust for disposal to avoid spoiling your vacuum cleaner. Then using a vacuum cleaner, vacuum the carpet area where the clay stain was until it is pristine clean.

Wash thoroughly

Even after vacuuming thoroughly, you notice that the clay had left a stubborn ugly stain on your beautiful carpet. It is time now to wash the spot of the carpet where the clay stain is. You need to apply some warm water and dishwashing soap in a liquid form in ratio 2 cups of water to 1 table spoon of soap.

With the aid of a clean towel or cloth, apply some soapy water directly on the stain without scrubbing or rubbing, lest you spread the stain to other areas of the carpet. Try and clear as large part of the clay as possible with the detergent and water.

Using clean water, rinse the carpet’s spot with the clay stain use a dry towel in light color to pat it dry. It is worth noting that if the stain is light, you can use a carpet shampoo to remove it.


But if after washing or shampooing the clay stain does not go away, try and wash the carpet a number of times. If after all this effort the stain refuses to go away, mix one cup of white vinegar with two cups of water and soak the stain. With the help of an absorbent towel, blot heavily until the area is completely dry.

Once you clean and notice the stain has not gone away, using a sponge, apply a few drops of water mixed with some white vinegar and soak the stain with an absorbent cloth, which you must change as it gets stained.

If after trying all these, the clay stain stubbornly resists to disappear, you may need to call in professional carpet cleaners such as Mvir Cleaning.


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