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How to clean a floor tile carpet?

More and more homeowners choose to use carpet tiles these days instead of carpets. The reason for this is that they are easier to be maintained or replaced if any of the pieces are ruined. Yet, there are some efficient techniques to clean floor tiles that can make your life easier and save you money, as you can do it on your own. Let’s consider them below:

Regular vacuuming

Just like with traditional carpets, vacuuming is an essential part of the maintenance of floor tiles as well. They should be vacuumed even more often than you would vacuum your carpets, if they cover hard surface. If they are left neglected, they will easily accumulate the dirt that is drawn to the soft fabric. So if you have a floor tile carpet, make sure you vacuum it at least 2 or 3 times a week. And if it is located in a place with a higher traffic, you can vacuum it every day.

How to treat the spots?

There are some special tips that are very efficient in case of spillage that leaves spots on your floor tile carpet.

Before starting to use any solvent, apply a little quantity of it on a place that is unseen. If it doesn’t bleach the area, you can use it safely on the stain. The right way to do that is by applying it on a sponge or cloth first instead of applying it directly on the carpet. Do not rub stains, but rather blot them. Treat the stains starting from the outside toward their center and never in the opposite direction. After treatment, rinse the spots abundantly with water especially if the chosen solvent is water-based.

To dry the spots faster, you can use a hair dryer or a fan. In case the stain you are trying to remove is very large in size, you might remove the piece and wash it in the sink. Then just let it dry and return it back to its place when it is ready to be used again.

These are some basic tips that can help you clean your floor tiles on your own.

Deep cleaning

However, if you need deep cleaning to be applied, you have to call professional carpet cleaners, who will take care of the whole process without using too much moisture. Deep cleaning is recommended at least once per year and more often if the soil is built up faster. Steam cleaning applied by Mvir Cleaning Company is considered the best cleaning method available today. The company uses only ecofriendly cleaning solutions that guarantee perfect and safety results.

The cleaning professionals can also give you some advices on how to keep your floor carpet tiles in best possible condition after their visit. You will need to sweep the pieces or vacuum them every day based on the material they are made from. This will ensure that all food crumbs, loose dirt and other debris are removed before they penetrate deeper into the fabric. That will definitely prolong the life of your tile flooring.

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