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How to clean flor carpet squares?

Flor carpet squares have recently become a popular alternative to carpets. These colorful tiles come in different designs and patterns allowing you to assemble them the way you prefer and decorate your interior. Since the flor carpet squares play the same role as carpets at home, they need to be well maintained, as kids often play on them. These carpet tiles are designed to be cleaned easily following some basic steps. So let’s take a look at the following instructions, if you would like to prolong the life and the new look of your beautiful flor carpet squares.

 Clean them regularly with a vacuum cleaner

Regular vacuuming will extend the life of your carpet squares, just like it does for your rugs and carpets. The speed that your carpet tiles will accumulate dust will depend on the type of the floor beneath them. If there is ceramic, stone, or wood flooring, the tires might collect dirt faster. In that case, you need to clean them more often – once every two days. Neglecting tile cleaning for a long time will not only make them look dull, but the accumulated dirt will start destroying the fabrics.

 Pay attention to each individual tile

As a result of accidents, such as grease, urine, spills, food dropping and more, some of the tiles could be affected and need your special attention. You may lift up each of those tiles and rinse them in a sink using a mild detergent. The spots can be worked out with your fingers and to be rinsed once again with lukewarm water. The tiles need to be completely dry before you can install them again.

 Dealing with the spots

How to deal with stains on the squares? Immediately after the spilling, use paper towels to soak up the liquid. Remember to not rub, so that the liquid would not penetrate into the fabric. Starting from the outward, you need to clean inward to prevent affecting a greater area. In case the spilled substance is solid, you can scrape it up. You might need to use a solvent, if the stain is stubborn. To apply it, use a clean cloth instead of directly applying it on the tile. After that, you can use either a sponge or a soft bush to gently scrub the affected area. To accelerate the drying process, you may use a hair dryer or a fan.

How to clean wool carpet tiles?

The owners of flor wool tiles need to take into account that their cleaning is a bit different than other types of carpet tiles. Some special steps need to be takes when you try to clean them on your own. Do not use any bleach products when you clean wool tiles to avoid permanent discoloration. Since the dirt and dust are attracted to their surface, they have to be regularly vacuumed. The perfect method for cleaning this kind of tiles is steam carpet cleaning that would leave low moisture and will preserve the original colors.

If you find cleaning your flor carpet squares too tiresome, you may always take advantage of the services offered by your local carpet cleaners.



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