How To Clean Looped Carpet?

Looped carpets are really beautiful, but it is very hard to clean them and properly maintain them. The reason for this is because they tend to accumulate the dirt in the fibres’ bottom. Because there are twists, lumps, and loops, the dirt is difficult to extract using a regular vacuum cleaner. Even the professionals with their specialized cleaning machines find that work challenging. So let us discuss how to maintain and clean looped carpets.

Regular Maintenance

Since this type of carpet is quite freakish, it is advisable that you vacuum it frequently. Avoid using a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar to prevent tearing, shredding, fraying, and fuzzing. The bar can easily pull out the strings of the carpet. This will ruin your looped carpet and will cause you money loss.

Instead, use a vacuum cleaner with a strong suction. Yet, to avoid damaging, do not clean aggressively. Suction vacuuming should be slow and steady.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

The looped carpets are made in such a way that easier promote dirt accumulation and stains appearance. The stains here are actually more stubborn compared to the other types of carpets and often reappear again after the cleaning. The advices of the professional carpet cleaners are such carpets to be professionally cleaned two times a year or at least one time a year if the traffic on them is not so intensive. Steam cleaning will ensure that the grime and dirt are pull out from the very bottom of the carpet.

Usually, the carpet loops hold water during the steam carpet cleaning compared to the other carpets’ types. This in return, leads to longer drying time, as the water becomes harder to be extracted from the looped fabric. The professional carpet cleaners know that it is very important to extract as much water from the carpet as possible to avoid appearance of mildew in the carpet’s basis. If you clean the carpet on your own, you should ensure that the most part of the moisture is pulled out after DIY carpet cleaning.

What Cleaning Solution to Choose?

To clean your looped carpet, choose only a cleaner specifically formulated for your carpet’s type. The better option is to use only water for cleaning. If you use any kind of common soap or detergent, there is a high risk of leaving a residue. If a residue is formed, a dirty mess will appear as the dirt sticks to it.

How to Clean Looped Carpets?

Below are a few cleaning tips that will help you clean your looped carpet the best possible way:

  • Use a rug to put in front of the room with the looped rug to prevent carrying grit and dirt on the carpet.
  • Keeping the room with a looped carpet as clean as possible with no food and drink will save you much trouble.
  • The spills should be cleaned up immediately after they happen and the spot should be treated with some baking soda and vacuum.
  • Regularly vacuum your looped carpet.
  • Use some cold water or vinegar to treat all the stains.
  • Avoid all the vacuum cleaners with a beater bar to avoid damages on the carpet. The chosen vacuum cleaner should have powerful suction.


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