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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Brockley

Established carpet cleaners in Brockley offer a customized plan for different customers. So if you are searching for commercial professional carpet cleaning Brockley, make sure the company you choose can offer you a customized carpet cleaning plan. Such a plan may consist of long-term cleaning and may include a thorough cleaning of the areas with high traffic. This regular maintenance will not only reduce soiling in the property, but will increase the carpet’s longevity.


Carpet cleaning could be done in three different levels. The following information will help you determine when you need to apply each of these three levels.


First Level Commercial Carpet Cleaning


The level one carpet cleaning is the routine cleaning. This means regular maintenance of your carpet by weekly or even daily vacuuming. What areas should be vacuumed consistently during the first level carpet cleaning? For commercial carpet cleaning Brockley, these include common areas, corridors, entry foyers, lobbies, elevator cabs, areas around the reception.

What are the areas that do not require daily vacuuming? These are the meeting rooms, private offices, and board rooms.

Level Two Commercial Carpet Cleaning

To keep the carpets’ appearance integrated and beautiful, you need to apply the second level of carpet cleaning that is the so-called interim cleaning. This is a sort of surface or light cleaning that prepares the carpet for the deep third level cleaning. It is performed by a truck mounted carpet cleaning machine and ensures quality cleaning with little time for drying. It is performed mainly on the areas that are mostly exposed to traffic and are easily soiled.

What are the Truck Mount Extraction Machines?

These machines are associated with the most widely used carpet cleaning method of all, i.e. the hot water extraction. The machine is also known as a truck mounted carpet extractor, which is effective and powerful. Their purpose is to remove almost the entire quantity of water that is left in the carpet after performing a steam carpet cleaning method.

Level Three Commercial Carpet Cleaning

This level of cleaning is deeper and should be performed one or two times a year to ensure best results. The carpets will be cleaned all the way till the very bottom. The carpet cleaning professionals will determine how often this cleaning procedure should be performed based on different factors. They include the place where the carpet is located, the level of soiling, the intensity of traffic, the care routine effectiveness. They will refer also to the maintenance instructions left on the label by the manufacturer. To ensure the best results, the third level commercial cleaning should take place before the carpets get heavily soiled.

What are the Portable Extraction Machines?

These are powerful machines that can be applied to a variety of situations. They are easy to move in different rooms and floors and are beneficial for difficult-to-reach places. These machines are perfect for tall buildings, such as hotels, hospitals, etc. In contrast, the truck-mounted extraction machines described above tend to lose some of their pressure when they reach a certain height.


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