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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Hammersmith

There is a big difference between commercial carpet cleaning Hammersmith and carpet cleaning of a private property. Cleaning companies usually use a different approach and technique to carry out the cleaning. Much more efforts are needed in completing the commercial carpet cleaning, as there is usually extremely high traffic in office building compared to that in the houses and the carpets sooner get worn out.

That is the reason why often and regular carpet cleaning is significant for businesses, who would like to maintain a pleasant and beneficial working atmosphere. Moreover, when the carpets are dirty and stained, the whole premise looks bad and this will surely drive back many of the clients. Businesses in Hammersmith can avoid this issue by planning a schedule when professional carpet cleaners will come to clean the carpets and fresh the air.

Let’s take for an example a restaurant. The restaurants deal with a high volume of traffic, which means a lot of dirt, grease, spills, and sand. The restaurant employees cannot deal with all these issues on their own for the following reasons:

  • They do not have the needed time
  • They don’t have the needed experience and knowledge
  • They do not have adequate tools that can meet these issues

Here is where professional commercial carpet cleaning Hammersmith comes in handy. How it works?


The Main Phases of Commercial Carpet Cleaning


# The first phase is pre-treatment. This phase is intended to prepare the carpets for cleaning procedures and may require multiple applications until the loosening agents is soaked in and all the dirt and hard particles are loosening.


# The second phase is the process of cleaning itself. For this purpose, carpet cleaners use a truck-mounted system that produces high pressure of heated water to implement the so-called steam carpet cleaning. This machine is of industrial strength and effectively kills all mites and bacteria accumulated in the carpet. The mites not only ruin the carpet’s look but also emit an unpleasant odour. A special rotary brush enables the cleaning detergent to get deeply into the lowest layers of the carpet. Next, a powerful vacuum cleaner is applied to extract the detergent with all the dirt stick to it, so there is no residue left behind.


# The third and final phase of carpet cleaning includes drying of the clean carpet, since it cannot be used right away. It may require a few hours for the carpets to dry that is why it is recommended to schedule the commercial carpet cleaning Hammersmith for the days off.

Mvir Cleaning


If you do not know where to find cleaning professionals who will work on your days off, Mvir Cleaning that serves Hammersmith is the best choice. The company works every day in the week from 8 am till 8 pm, so they can do the whole work needed while your employees are not in the office. Whether it is a business office, a hospital, a school or another kind of education facility, a restaurant or another kind of business, Mvir carpet cleaners will perform professional commercial carpet cleaning at best rates and with a guarantee for quality.

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