Commercial Carpet Cleaning Streatham Common

If you have a commercial office or facility in Streatham Common, you will need regular professional carpet cleaning service that would maintain the good appearance of the carpet. After all, your goal is to maintain a pleasant working atmosphere not only for your employees, but also for the customers, who will come to do a business with you.

The carpet cleaning is as important as for example changing the oil in your vehicle or washing it. Regular carpet maintenance will ensure that it will keep its condition new for a long time and you will save much money for its replacement.

There are certain pros and cons in each method of carpet cleaning that we are going to discuss now. The most popular commercial carpet cleaning methods in Streatham Common are encapsulation and steam carpet cleaning also known as hot water extraction. The method to choose mostly depends on the carpet’s type. Almost all available commercial carpets in the market today are made of an olefin chemical composition with a loop construction.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Method

Before discussing this method, we should note that the term “steam cleaning” is not quite accurate, as some amount of water is used to wash the dirt from the carpet.


The method itself consists in the following: boiling the water to 212 degrees. At that point the steam starts to come out. The high water temperature kills all the mites and bacteria and returns the good look of your carpets.

What are the cons?

  • This method works with too hot water.
  • If too much water is used, it is going to deteriorate the backing of the carpet.
  • Additionally, the so called Dry Rot can appear. This is a condition that is caused by wetting the carpet and drying too often. The most secure way for drying the carpet after cleaning is to leave the doors open for a few hours. This will allow the air flow to accelerate the process of drying.

What are the pros?

The most significant of them is that this method eliminates and removes all the soiling, dust and allergens that your carpets accumulate over time. If it is done by professionals, it will extend the carpet’s life. Additionally, this is an eco-friendly method that does not include any chemicals.

Encapsulation Cleaning Method

Again, similar to the steam carpet cleaning method, the term Encapsulation is not accurate and scientific. It is named so to help people easier understand it. It is a cleaning solution that is directly applied to the carpet’s surface and with the help of a bonnet or a rotary floor machine is agitated. Its purpose is to release the soil and get it to the surface where it is vacuumed.

What are the pros?

This method doesn’t use much water so the carpet dries out fast. The stains don’t return quickly after the treatment. There are minimal chances for causing Dry Rot.

What are the cons?

Usually, the carpet cleaners use chemicals as an encapsulating agent, which may deteriorate the conditions of those who work in the office, especially if they already have asthma or allergies.

The best decision would be to contact with the cleaning agency in Streatham Common and seek for an advice from them which way to prefer.


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