What to Consider When Doing DIY Oven Cleaning in Wandsworth

Often, people find out that they cannot see through the glass of their oven, as it is too dirty. If you would like to have your oven door sparkling clean again, oven cleaners in Wandsworth can offer you an effective solution for that.

Most people would not like to make all this hard job on their own, as they hardly find any time for that. Others may have time but prefer it to be done properly and fast, that is why they turn to professional cleaners. A properly cleaned oven encourages people to cook more and the food prepared inside is healthy without contamination that is possible to get developed in a dirty oven.

However, let us assume that you are of the minority of people who would like to clean their oven on their own instead to take advantage of professional oven cleaning in Wandsworth. We provide some helpful tips for these people to help them clean their oven effectively. Find them below:

Tip #1 The glass should be cool before cleaning can start

If you decide to clean your oven immediately after cooking, wait a few minutes to let it cool off before you start to clean the glass. Thus, you will not have to breathe the evaporated chemicals that may appear as a result of the contact with the hot surface. You will also prevent burning your hands. The best time to start oven cleaning is in the morning before you begin to cook dishes. This will enable you to enjoy clean oven afterwards.

Tip #2 Remove residue

You might need to remove by hands large pieces to clean the residue. So remove everything that can be removed before you start scrubbing.

Tip #3 Apply the oven cleaner

It is advisable to choose a spray for cleaning your oven, so you can use it on the door. Use a mild cleaner to prevent the damage of the oven insulation.

Tip #4 Let the spray stay for a while

Leave the cleaning solution for 20 min before starting to scrub. You can also look at the manufacturer’s manual to see whether they recommend a different waiting period and follow it.

Tip #5 Start to scrape

All the residue that is stuck on the surface should be scraped slowly by gentle pressure. After all, you don’t want to make scratches inside the oven. If the residue is more, apply some extra pressure to ensure everything is completely clean.

Tip #6 Pay a special attention to the difficult-to-reach places

All parts of the oven should be addressed, including the area of seal. For this purpose, take an old toothbrush and clean these places where you cannot reach with a cloth. These areas are the door’s seal, crannies, nooks, etc. After applying the toothbrush, you can wipe them with a damp sponge.

Tip #7 Clean the glass

To clean the glass the right way, use a dry cloth and clean as you would clean your windows. This will remove all the minor smudges that you couldn’t clean the first time.


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