Croydon Oven Cleaning: DIY Cleaning Tips

All people have an oven in their houses and knowing how to keep it clean and safety is important. The big secret you should know about your oven is what detergents you need to use to clean it. This article provides you with some very useful Croydon oven cleaning tips on how to clean your kitchen oven.

  1. Three types of ovens

First thing first, check out what is the type of the oven as there are a different kinds of ovens on the market. Their specifications differ from one another. Determining the kind of your oven is crucial to take the right action for achieving the best cleaning results. This will allow you to find the most appropriate method to clean it fast and effectively.

  • Be aware that many ovens on the market have a self-cleaning function. Thus, when you switch on the unit and it becomes hot enough, the remained food and junk are transformed to ash, so you can easier clean it after the oven loses heat.
  • The second type of ovens burn all spills in the process of cooking. These are made with porcelain layer, which makes them healthy and easy to maintain.
  • The third kind does not have any of these additional features, so you should clean them by yourself or to hire a professional Croydon oven cleaner to do this job for you.
  1. Pull out all the Racks from the Oven

To start the process of cleaning, remove the inside shelves. Soak them all in the sink filled of water and wash them thoroughly with a soap or another cleaning detergent.

  1. Oven Cleaning with Quality Detergents

To achieve the best cleaning results for your kitchen oven, choose the most appropriate cleaning solution from multiple available detergents on the market. It will help you clean the oven sides and the top.

After the racks are removed, prepare your baking soda solution. Mix baking soda with some water to make a cleaning paste. Be sure to make the paste with the proper proportions to be effective.

Once your cleaning paste is ready, cover all the oven interior with it. Spread it over the entire surface except for the heating stuff. To ensure your own safety, use glovers to protect your hands during the cleaning process. Note that you should apply the thicker layer of that paste on the greasy areas.

After applying, let it stay for 12 hours or simply leave the oven with the applied paste on it overnight. After that, clean the oven inside with a damp cloth. In order to remove the dried baking soda completely from the interior walls, you might need to use a spatula. The last thing to do is to spray some vinegar to finish the cleaning process. Now, you can put the cleaned racks back into the oven and it is ready to be used again.

If you do not have enough time to clean your oven on your own, take advantage of the Mvir Cleaning professional Croydon oven cleaning company.


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