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Why Customers Prefer Sears Carpet Cleaning Service?

Sears Carpet cleaning has been established to provide people with multiple benefits and unmatched services. Every single day, the company is chosen by more than 500 households because of their convenient appointments, professional and superior quality of work coupled with a satisfaction guarantee with no hidden fees nor optical brighteners that might damage the carpets.

The well-trained technicians perform a two-step deep cleaning that removes the whole accumulated dirt and they offer carpet protector, which significantly prolong the carpet’s lifespan. Let’s take a closer look at the actual carpet cleaning process performed by Sears.

Two-Step Sears Deep Cleaning Process

Sears technicians are experts at cleaning matted, dull and dirty carpets. Their goal is to bring them back to life and beauty they have had before. They ensure to leave them clean, soft and odour-free removing all dust mites, dirt particles, allergens, and pet dander that have been accumulated there and discolour the beautiful carpet.


To achieve this result, they apply a two-step cleaning system that is recognized by professionals all over the world. The secret behind it is hidden in cleaning solutions that are considered the most powerful in this industry. They not only rinse the grime and dirt, but also rinse the fibres and remove the remained residue along with the moisture. This means that your carpet doesn’t need too much time for drying after the cleaning procedure and it will feel and look refreshed.


The first step of cleaning is deep spraying on a heated cleaning solution that penetrates into the fibres and loses the dirt.


The second step consists in applying a pH-balancing fibre rinse and a high-powered extraction that leaves the carpet like brand new.


Certified Carpet Cleaning Service


The company understands that the more professional the staff is the better cleaning results will be delivered. This is why they keep only dedicated cleaning technicians and train them to provide exceptional services. The intensive training includes things like equipment operation, techniques for effective stain removal, components for carpet fibres, etc. Moreover, the company has earned a Platinum Certification from the reputable Carpet & Rug Institute.
Relationships with the Clients


The company highly values customer’s satisfaction, so they maintain a high standard of communication along with an available customer support service. They are willing to discuss all the pricing options and periodically offer surveys among their customers to get their feedback about the received services and prices.

Stain Removal Service


The company effectively deals with any stain that might appear on your carpet regardless of its origin. Whether it is dirt, urine, chocolate, coffee or red wine, Sears uses a special equipment that is extra powerful and efficient. The Sears technicians are trained to use the best techniques for stubborn stains. Even if there are stains that cannot be completely removed, they are lighten so much that people cannot notice them. The company achieves results in stain removal that people cannot achieve using paper towels and household cleaners at home.

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