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Dealing with a Residue When Performing Carpet Cleaning Wandsworth

No matter how hard you try, the spots keep reappear again and again on your carpet’s surface. It seems that nothing can help removing them completely. Yet, there is a solution for this issue. Experienced carpet cleaning Wandsworth company Mvir Cleaning reveals a secret that professional carpet cleaners use to deal with such a problem successfully.

The Main Reasons for Stains’ Reappearing

To start with, we should find out the reasons why stains keep coming out to the surface again and again. There are two main reasons for stains to reappear:

  • Residue or a substance that is left over after cleaning is completed the wrong way. If shampooing method is used, you will get a residue in the form of a sticky alkaline agent that makes the soil to stick to the carpet’s fibres. Imagine that in the process of washing your hair, you leave half of the shampoo not rinsed. Your hair will soon become dirty again. The same applies to your carpet. The residue left inside will attract even more dirt and will make spots to reappear.
  • Wicking or a spill that penetrates deep into the fibres down to the lower layers of the carpet. In case of such stains, you see the tip of the iceberg on the surface. And even if you clean the visible part, the hidden stain inside comes out at its place.

What is the solution?

There are a few rules to follow when you try to clean up stains.

Rule No.1 Choose a proper cleaning solution. This is very important, as using of the wrong solution will not only be ineffective but may also ruin your carpet. There are different solutions for different kinds of stains.

Rule No. 2 Proper rinsing is needed. If you choose to apply an alkaline stain removal, you have to rinse the solution perfectly to ensure that no residue is left behind.

Rule No. 3 The role of white vinegar. Another way to remove the residue is to apply an acidic solution made of ½ cup of white vinegar and ¼ cup of warm water. This solution effectively removes the residue when applied on the spot after rinsing. Blot it completely to make it dry.

Rule No. 4 Renting a steam cleaner. When choosing the model, ensure that a hose attachment for upholstery cleaning is provided, so you can clean your sofas as well. You can fill up the cleaning machine’s tank with a homemade solution. To make it, mix a gallon of warm water with two cups of vinegar. This solution is effective when you have to deal with alkaline spills, i.e. too much shampoo on the carpet. It should be sprayed upon the soapy area and then you can extract it using the machine. The whole amount of soap may not come out with a single run, so you will need to repeat the procedure until no more soap is on the carpet. In the process, don’t forget that the machine may quickly fill up with foam, so you may need to drain the tank several times.


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