Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning In London

Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning In London

Fancy the cleanest, most beautiful carpets in the New Year?deep steam carpet cleaning

Carpets can get dirtier at this time of year, when the weather outside is wet, and accidents are more likely to happen.

If you have a busy Christmas or NYE party coming up, and suspect things might get messy, simply call MVIR Cleaning afterwards. No matter where you are in London, we’ll transform even the tawdriest carpet into one that smells fresh and looks flawless, with not a stain in sight.

Steam cleaning is also known as ‘hot water extraction’ and is the most effective cleaning method for carpets around, being widely recommended by experts. Our experienced cleaners at MVIR will vacuum your carpet beforehand, to clean away any remaining grit. This will prevent dirt rubbing on your carpet during the cleaning process.

We then spray your carpet with our powerful machine, which uses an eco-friendly and allergen free cleaning solution. This gets your carpet ready for the hot water, which is then injected at high pressure, deep into the carpet.

Our technicians are guaranteed to leave your carpet looking transformed, whether it’s suffered dirty footprints, food stains or even red wine. Based in Croydon, we work through-out the city of London and serve both private and domestic clients. We work every day of the year, apart from Christmas day.

For more about our deep steam cleaning click here.

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