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What is the difference between steam cleaning and shampooing carpet?

Since both steam carpet cleaning and shampoo cleaning methods are quite popular, let’s consider their pros and cons to determine which one is better.

What is a Shampoo Method?

The shampoo method generates foam that helps attract the dirt. The soiled residue is then extracted with a vacuum. The high lubricity of the shampooing products prevents the damage of the carpet’s fibres.

Usually, the products used for shampooing are made with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate as their main ingredient. This is a chemical that is used in various shampoos intended for human hair. However, this ingredient tends to cause quick re-soiling of the carpet. Additionally, the so-called Resin is added along with various optical brighteners. Because of this, shampoos usually bury the dirt into the fibres. Although they make the carpet look cleaner, the effect lasts only a short time before the dirt re-appear on the surface and inside the carpet. As a result, the carpet obtains a yellowish tingle that is permanent.

Carpet cleaners, who apply this cleaning method, use one of the following two cleaning approaches:

  • Cylindrical Foam Shampoo machine works with an air compressor that creates dry foam prior to applying it to the carpet. A cylindrical brush is used to agitate the carpet and to comb the foam. In fact, this method makes the situation even worse, as the dirt falls deeper inside the fibers.
  • Rotary Shampoo machine is a revolving floor machine that has a dispensing tank that dispenses the liquid cleaning product. There is a rotary brush that whips the solution making it foam after applying it on the carpet’s surface.

Today, all the experts agree that the shampoo method cleans only the surface and is ineffective for deep carpet cleaning. That is the reason why more and more cleaning specialists choose to apply the other cleaning method, described below.

What is a Steam Cleaning Method?

Steam carpet cleaning is known as a hot water extraction method and uses steam that comes out with high pressure to provide powerful and deep cleaning. The soil and dirt are dissolved by the temperature and pressure and then are vacuumed using a powerful suction machine.

Unlike any other carpet cleaning method, steam cleaning is effective in removing the soil from the very bottom of the carpet pile and does not leave cleaning agent behind. The dirt is forced out and is sucked by the extraction machine, so no residue is left.

There is no quick re-soiling after the procedure as you get your old carpet clean like brand new. The process of steam carpet cleaning includes the following steps:

  • Pre-spraying – if you choose Mvir Cleaning company, they will use only eco-friendly cleaning solutions
  • With the help of a truck-mounted rotary machines, the cleaning specialists will dispense hot water. The metal heads of the machine will vacuum the water and clean the dirt.
  • Water extraction – this process is done with a powerful suction machine that extracts the excessive moisture. The carpet would need between 4 and 6 hours to dry after the carpet cleaners leave your house.


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