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Different Local Carpet Cleaning Deals

Many cleaning companies offer carpet cleaning deals to provide local people a chance to avail of their services at a reduced price. This often happens in the low season, when less people have a tendency to clean their carpets, i.e. during the winter time. Yet, this could be a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of one of these deals and to have your carpets cleaned just before the Christmas holidays when the whole family is gathered to celebrate.

There are local companies that would offer you a coupon that can save you up to 25 – 50% off their regular service cost. This is an effective marketing strategy for the carpet cleaning company to become known and to get loyal clients. You can choose from two carpet cleaning methods to perform in your home: steam carpet cleaning and dry carpet cleaning. Let’s consider both of them to see what company to choose – the one that offers steam cleaning or the one with dry cleaning.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Steam carpet cleaning can be also called organic cleaning. It provides deep cleaning using a steam that comes out from the carpet cleaning machine. Its purpose is to kill all mites, microbes and other microorganisms that may thrive in your carpet and not only aggravate the air quality and are dangerous for your health by causing different health conditions and allergies, but also deteriorate the carpet’s fibers. Steam carpet cleaning method does not use harmful chemicals to eliminate them all. It uses the power of hot water and a powerful vacuum cleaner to extract them afterwards, so no residue is left behind. This is a great method to reduce the chance of allergies, lung diseases and to make your interior clean and good looking.

If you reside London and you are looking for some great local carpet cleaning deals, it is a good idea to visit Mvir Cleaning that provide both steam carpet cleaning services and regular discounts.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Although the above described method is preferred by the majority of people, it has only one drawback that makes some people to choose the second most popular cleaning method, i.e. dry carpet cleaning. This drawback is in the time needed for the carpet to dry. While at steam carpet cleaning method it takes about 3-4 hours during which you cannot use it, dry carpet cleaning method uses a minimum amount of water and people can use their carpets almost immediately after cleaning.

Of course, this method also has drawback and it is in using chemicals during the cleaning. The so-called encapsulation uses chemistry to encapsulate the dirt and mites, making them like crystals and extracts them with a vacuuming machine. So this method might impose some health issues because of these chemicals that might left behind or spread in the air. For this reason, this method is not recommended for people with little kids, pets or ones prone to lung diseases. Another con of this method is the quick re-soiling after the cleaning process, which means that you will need more often professional carpet cleaning services.

Do not forget to take advantage of the great carpet cleaning deals that your local cleaning companies offer before the Christmas or Easter holidays.

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