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DIY Area Rug Cleaning or Local Area Rug Cleaners

Area rugs are unique pieces that add a modern look to every premise. They add to the style of the home interior so it is important to maintain them clean and attractive. The method of their cleaning will mostly depend on the fabric the particular area rug is made of.

Rugs from Natural Fibres

These rugs are usually made in the form of open weaves that makes them easily accumulate dust and dirt inside. To maintain them clean longer, they should be regularly vacuumed and the floor beneath also should be occasionally cleaned and vacuumed. Since most of these rugs are reversible, it is smart to flip it over each time you vacuum it. This will allow you to get even wear.

If you deal with a stain or discoloration, protect the floor beneath using a towel or cloth. Take a soft brush, dip it in a soapy water and scrub the area with the stain. Change the water and afterward use a dry towel to dry the wet area. To accelerate the process of drying and to prevent mould formation, use either a hair dryer or a portable fan. Make sure you work quickly enough and dry it fast, as the water weakens the natural fibres.

Another option for irrevocably stained rugs is to buy some extra squares that can be replaced when needed. This would be possible, as natural-fibres rugs are usually sewn together. To add the new square, you will need to hand-stitch it with a carpet thread.

Performing Deep Area Rug Cleaning

There are different cleaning approaches for different types of small rugs. You can consult their manufactory labels to see whether spot-cleaning, dry-cleaning or laundry should be applied. Whatever approach you are going to apply. Test on a small spot before cleaning the entire rug.

In case, your rug is machine –washable, use only the delicate cycle and in low temperature to minimize the damages. To protect the rug from the agitator, it is wise to put it in a zipped pillowcase or laundry bag.

It is important to hang the wet rug after its washing, but not over a single clothesline to prevent its shape distortion. If your rug is made from synthetic fibres, you can lay it on a worktable.

How often to perform deep cleaning on your area rugs?

It is advisable that you perform such deep cleaning of your area rugs once per year. When you choose a commercial cleaning product, test a small area beforehand. If your rug is too large, you can place it on a concrete surface or a vinyl one. Then use a carpet-cleaning foam to spread it all over the rug and start to rub following the natural directions. Rinse with warm water at the end and thoroughly vacuum to remove the residue. Do not use it before it is completely dry.

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