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DIY Carpet Cleaning Beckenham

When the time for cleaning your carpet comes, it is especially important to know what is the most appropriate cleaning approach to clean the carpet efficiently. If you do not choose the right method, you risk to ruin your carpet and lose a lot of money as a result.

Two Carpet Cleaning Options to Choose

In order to choose the right cleaning method, you should know the fabric your carpet is made from as well as what cleaning solution is appropriate for that fabric. There are two ways to go – either proceed with DIY carpet cleaning or hire professional carpet cleaning Beckenham services. The first option would save you some money, but the second option will save you a lot of time and hassles. Additionally, professional carpet cleaners give a guarantee for the achieved results. That is why many people do not think twice before choosing to hire professional carpet cleaning company in Beckenham, such as Mvir Cleaning.

The results of professional cleaning could be described in three words:

  • Spotless
  • Fresh-smelling
  • Safety

If you have a heavily soiled carpet that requires thorough cleaning, the best cleaning method would be steam carpet cleaning. It provides deep cleaning and removed the stains. However, it requires a cleaning expert to perform it. This method has long-lasting results, so it can be done only once or twice a year.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Method

If you are determined to try carpet cleaning on your own, carefully choose your cleaning kit, as there are a number of them available on the market. The first thing is to read the instructions of the cleaning solution to get an idea what type of rug or carpet it is made for.

The process of carpet cleaning should start with thorough vacuuming that will remove all the dirt and dust from the surface. If there are oily stains in the carpet’s fibres, you should firstly use an enzyme-buffer system. After applying it, the next step is to use a non-residue shampoo. To remove all the solutions, you need to clean the carpet with running water. The best time of doing such cleaning is summer, when the weather outside is hot and would accelerate the process of drying. Yet, it might require several days up to week before the carpet could be used again. To keep your carpet stain-free and fresh, use this method once per three months.

Regular vacuum cleaning is an important thing to do for good maintenance of the carpet. This will prevent ruining the carpet’s fibres by the settled dust. If it is a winter when you have to clean your carpet, use the dry carpet cleaning method, as it takes very little time for the carpet to dry. The method is called bonnet cleaning. To clean your carpet, you need to make a cleaning product with carbonated water and spray the mixture all over the carpet. After it stays that way for a while, brush the carpet using a buffer. The circular motions are used to lift the dust out. The problem is that this method takes a lot of time and is hard to complete.

If you would like to avoid these hassles, just call Mvir Cleaning company that offers top quality carpet cleaning Beckenham services.

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