DIY End of Tenancy Cleaning Addiscombe

End of tenancy services are a necessity that should be implemented when you are leaving your current rented home. This will ensure that all the damages are repaired and the property is clean enough so you can take your deposit back. Before starting end of tenancy cleaning Addiscombe, ensure that you moved all your staff out of the apartment. Thus, you will be able to see better what have been covered up by furniture. Then you will be able to pay special attention to every detail.

So How to Start the Process of DIY End of Tenancy Cleaning Addiscombe?

In case, you would like to try to do end of tenancy cleaning on your own, you have to be ready that it will take a lot of time and efforts. You should start with walking through the house and figuring out what cleaning supplies are needed to perform proper cleaning of different parts of the house. Make a list of them along with the tasks that should be done.

Walls and doors

To start with, remove all the nails and staples from the doors and walls that you have stuck into for different purposes. Use putty to fill these holes. Then you need to clean the stains and make the surface like new.

Cleaning the Kitchen

Then move to the kitchen area. Start by cleaning out the freezer and refrigerator, then the oven and cooker. Do not miss out the cupboards and cabinets in the kitchen along with the floor and the sink. This area will take quite a time to clean it. The cleaning specialists advise people to clean everything in the kitchen with soapy, hot water. Just more special treatment should be applied to the inside of the oven. To clean the freezer and refrigerator, you need to remove all the drawers and shelves. Every cranny and nook should be cleaned the best possible way.

Follow the self-cleaning instructions for cleaning the oven if available. If not, place a newspaper in front of the oven and start the process of cleaning following the directions that are on the can. Then, move to the cupboards by wiping them up. Next, clean the light fixtures, sink and the counter tops. Leave the floor cleaning for the end.

Cleaning the Bathrooms

As you can see, cleaning of the kitchen will take much time. Next, move to the bathrooms and clean the tub, sink, shower and toilet, along with the counters, medicine cabinet and mirrors. At the end, pay a special attention to the light fixtures and mop the floors.

Cleaning the Bedrooms

The next place to clean is the bedroom. Start with vacuuming the carpet and wiping down the closet shelves. Clean the blinds and light fixtures. If your carpet has stains or looks worn out, you will need to hire professional carpet cleaners in Addiscombe, like Mvir Cleaning, to provide your carpet a brand new look again.

If all this work seems too tiresome for you to do on your own, hire professional end of tenancy cleaners in Addiscombe. They will ensure perfect cleaning results and your deposit back.


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