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DIY Mattress Cleaning Sutton: Dealing with Coffee Stains

While sipping a cup of hot coffee on a bed is very pleasant, spilling some of it on the mattress can be considered a disaster. This is an emergency that requires an immediate reaction.

Don’ts in case of coffee spillage on the mattress

Do not put your mattress under running water to remove the stains. The mattress should be kept dry, as making it wet will cause mould and additional problems.

What to do?

In case of a coffee spillage, immediately wipe the excess liquid, using a clean cloth or paper towel. They will help you absorb the excess moisture from within. Next, try to clean it right away by sprinkling some baking soda on the place. While it sits, prepare a mixture of white vinegar, water and baking soda that can help you resolve the issue. Use a clean towel, soak it in the solution to make it damp enough and wipe the stains on the mattress with it.

Carefully rub the place to let the solution penetrate deeper. You can place the towel with the solution on the mattress for an hour or so until the mattress is stain-free. Lift it after an hour and sprinkle some baking soda again to help remove the moisture. Let the soda sits for another 30 minutes and remove it with a vacuum cleaner. It is a good choice either to leave the mattress in a sunny place to enable it to dry completely or to use a fan or air conditioner.

Remember that when it comes to coffee stains, they are not so hard to remove, especially if white vinegar is involved in the cleaning process.

How to clean the entire mattress?

If it is time for DIY mattress cleaning Sutton, you can follow these tips that will guide you through the process.

  • First, you need to remove the covers and wash them in warm water, using a liquid cleaning solution. To add fresh aroma to it, you can add a fabric conditioner, too.
  • Next, you can take your mattress out on a clean platform and using a spray bottle and some household materials, you can clean the mattress on your own.
  • Before you start, thoroughly clean the mattress with a vacuum cleaner. Do not skip the sides and corners.
  • Then, make a mixture to put into the spray bottle. Use a white vinegar and water in ration 1:1 and spray this solution over the mattress. Let it sit that way for an hour and sprinkle baking soda all over the mattress. This is an excellent option to reduce stains. Let it sit with soda for another hour or so to absorb the moisture and vacuum it again to extract the soda.
  • Before you put your mattress back to your bed, allow it to dry completely. Only then you are safe to put bed covers again.
  • Do not forget to regularly vacuum your bed. This will significantly reduce the amount of dust mites that may cause problems to your health and may disturb your dream.
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