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DIY Sofa Cleaning in Kensington and Chelsea

People love to rest on their coaches in the evenings when there are tired from the long busy day. However, resting on a dirty sofa is not funny, especially if there are crumbs, oil, dirt, pet hair, soda and other things built up there over time. More than that, if left that way, they start to attract mites and microbes and make the place really unhygienic. So if this describes your case well, then you need to take urgent measures to clean your coach. This will bring you a peace of mind during watching your favourite TV film.

What can you do to clean your sofa yourself?

Vacuum cleaning

Remove the cushions first if they are not attached and vacuum each of them from both sides. Attach a brush to your vacuum to clean thoroughly all the dirt and debris from the surface of your sofa. If you have pets, pay attention to crevices where the pet hair tends to accumulate. If the pet hair is too much and the vacuum cannot get it all, you can use a lint roller.

Cleaning the metal or wood

Do not miss the sofa feet and the parts that are not of fabric. They should be washed with a liquid dish soap mixed with some warm water.

Choose the cleaning method based of the sofa’s carpet

It is wise to look at the tag of the coach to follow the instructions left from the manufacturers. You will find a code on the label that would tell you the following:

  • X: Do not use any water to clean, only a vacuum.
  • S: Intended to be cleaned only with a dry cleaner detergent.
  • W: Clean this using water.
  • WS: Can be cleaned either with a dry-cleaning detergent or a steam vacuum.

Next come stains

Stains should be removed so you can return the good look of your sofa. For this purpose, use either a commercial cleaner or make one on your own with natural ingredients. It will be cheaper and eco-friendly. Whatever of both options you choose, here is what to do next based on your upholstery type:

  • If your upholstery is fabric, make a mixture of ¾ warm water, ¼ vinegar and 1 tbsp. of dish soap. This mixture should be put in a spray bottle and the soiled area should be sprayed with it. Then, take a soft cloth to scrub with until the stain disappear. Moist another cloth in clean water and try to remove the solution. Use a towel to completely dry the place.
  • If your upholstery is made from leather, then make a solution of ¼ vinegar and ½ of olive oil. Put it into a spray bottle and repeat the above instructions.
  • If your upholstery is synthetic, mix a cup of warm water with ½ vinegar and a half tablespoon of dish soap. Place it in a spray bottle and follow the instructions above.

When done, your sofa would need some time to dry before you can use it again. To accelerate the process, you can open the windows and door or use a fan pointed at the upholstery.

If you find all this too complicated to do on your own, you can take advantage of professional sofa cleaning in Kensington and Chelsea and hire Mvir Cleaning company.



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