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DIY Tips on Curtain Cleaning

Obviously, curtain cleaning is not an easy task. There are some specific things you need to know in order to preserve them and to clean them effectively, instead of ruining the gentle and delicate fabric. So the main concern of homeowners who try to do that job on their own is to perform it correctly and safely to prevent money loss.

People, who buy curtains for their houses, usually spend hours to find the most matching curtains in terms of style, color and design that would fit their interior. You need to ensure to use the best methods to properly maintain them.

Let’s take a look at some of the effective and safely curtain cleaning tips that you can follow at your home to ensure maintaining your beautiful curtains clean.

  • You can prolong the lifespan of the curtains if you regularly remove dirt and dust from them. To perform the dusting, use the upholstery attachment and vacuum them thoroughly at least once per week.
  • If your curtains are too delicate, do not vacuum them, as this will ruin them. The right option for them is to dislodge dirt from them.
  • The sheer and lace curtains would get damaged if you use a washing machine to clean them. There are two options to choose from in that case: 1. Wash them by hand to not fray the fabric, which is more bothersome option, but also more safety one. 2. Before using a washing machine, seal the curtain in a special mesh bag.
  • Before using a washing machine, carefully check the label to prevent drape ruining. Ensure that the detergent you are going to use will not harm the colors or fabric, especially if you do it for the very first time. You can make a test prior to start by mixing laundry detergent and water. Try on a small patch only to ensure it is safe enough to be used on the entire one.
  • Most of the curtains that are labeled washable have to be cleaned with a gentle detergent and cold water.
  • Remove all hooks and metal fitting before washing the drapes. For their drying, you can use a clothes dryer.
  • Those curtains that are not machine friendly have to be handled by hand. The most convenient place for washing these curtains is the bath. There you will find enough space to wash it carefully and thoroughly. Choose a very gentle detergent for cleaning solution that contains no bleaching agents. Mix it with cool water and resolve it fully before soaking the curtain in.
  • When applying a hand washing method, gently squeeze the curtain without any pressure to preserve the fabric. See if there are specific instructions written on the label and follow them if any. To avoid creases on washed curtains, you might iron them to avoid wrinkles. It will be easier for you to iron them, if you don’t wait for the curtains to fully dry. You are ready to hang them, when they are slightly damped and ironed.
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