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DIY Tips on Mattress Cleaning Mitcham

People in Mitcham who have children know how often bedwetting incidents might occur. They have to wake up in the midnight and the last thing they want to do is to start cleaning the stains on the mattress. The problem gets even worse if the bedwetting is a frequent issue.

What can be done in the morning is to call a professional mattress cleaning service that will save you a lot of troubles and efforts. They will not only clean your mattress, but will also offer you a solution how to protect your mattresses. They can offer you a protection that can save your mattress from any kind of accidents, including spills.

Some people prefer to save money and try to make DIY mattress cleaning instead to use professional mattress cleaning Mitcham. If you are one of them, here are some tips to take into account.

Corn-starch method

Many people try to clean the stains on the mattress by making a thick paste of corn-starch and water. They cover the urine stains with it and leave it for a few hours until it completely dries. Then, just vacuum the mattress to remove the paste and the stain has gone.

Combating the bad odour

To eliminate the awful odour, sprinkle baking soda on the affected area and let it sit that way for a few hours. After vacuuming it, apply some vinegar, which will completely remove the bad odour and replace it with fresh after it completely dries. Only then, you can start using the mattress again.


Prevention is the best option when it comes to cleaning urine stains from the mattress. Since DIY mattress cleaning takes long hours and a lot of efforts, it is wiser to use a protection that can be removed and replaced, rather than do the whole process over and over again every time there is a mattress accident. If you use professional mattress cleaning services instead, it will cost you quite an amount every time.

Tips on how to prevent stains on mattresses

The mattress protector can effectively protect your bed from a variety of harmful issues that include dirt, dust, bed bugs, water, pets, urine stains, etc. It is durable enough and easy to wash.

There should be strict rules at home on how to use the bed. These might include:

  • Not allowing your kids to play on the bed. The same applies even more for the pets.
  • Do not expose your bed to dust or a direct sunlight. If some building work has to be done in the same room, ensure to cover the mattress to protect it.

When you are going to buy a mattress, take into account the warranty period. It is an expensive investment that has to have a long enough guarantee. There might be mattresses that might have a guarantee of up to 20 years. Of course, they are much more expensive and come from reputable brands. To be able to take advantage of the mattress warranty, make sure to keep your original purchasing bill and the warranty card at a safe place.

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