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DIY Tips for Sofa Cleaning in Tanbridge

Your beautiful sofa starts to fade with time. In order to get maximum utility and value from it, you need to take a proper care for it, taking into account the material it is made from. Regular cleaning would be your first priority, if you would like to extend your sofa’s life. However, not all people know how to clean and maintain upholstery properly in their homes. That is why, they call a professional upholstery cleaning company. To save you the fees for calling cleaning experts, we provide you here with some sofa cleaning tips that can benefit you.

Tip #1 If a stain appears, try to clean it right away.

No matter how hard you try, stains sooner or later appear on the surface of your valuable sofa. As soon as you notice it, try to deal with it immediately. If the stain is neglected, it penetrates deep into the fabric and it might take long hours of cleaning to remove it. If you act right away, you will prevent fabric’s damage and eventually penetration of the spill into the underlying wood. Take a microfiber cloth to blot the spill and to limit the affected area.

How to deal with ink stains?

To remove these stubborn stains, dip some cotton in 70% isopropyl alcohol, apply it to the spot and leave it for some time. If the effect is not desirable, you can apply a non-oily cuticle remover as a tick coat over the stain. Wipe it off after several hours, preferably on the next day.

Tip #2 Use the power of a vacuum cleaner

To make your cleaning effective, you can use a vacuum cleaner that has a strong suction power. Thus, you will be able to extract a large amount of small and big particles, dirt and dust before you start cleaning the sofa. If you apply a liquid cleaning solution first and then try to vacuum the sofa, it will be much harder for you to remove the dust and dirt. When you vacuum clean your sofa, use the special upholstery attachment that reaches crevices and cracks.

Tip #3 Choosing the right type of upholstery cleaner

To determine what cleaning product to buy from so many available on the market, consider the material your sofa is made from. If you are not sure, check the cleaning tag that most fabrics have. It will provide you with some instructions on how to clean it properly.

The letter W on the tag would mean that you need to use a water-based cleaner, while S would mean that you have to choose a dry solvent. The combination of both letters as WS means that you can choose whatever of above two types you prefer, while X would mean that you don’t have to use any of two. This means that your sofa is leather and needs to be clean by professionals only.

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