steam carpet cleaning Croydon

Dry Carpet Cleaners Vs. Steam Carpet Cleaners Croydon

Invention of steam cleaning took the carpet cleaning industry into the next level. Before its advent, some basic techniques were applied, such as vacuuming, bonnet clean methods and dry carpet cleaning. Although they make carpets to have a clean look, they are not as effective in deep cleaning and a big part of residue and dirt remain deep into the carpet’s fibers. Obviously, steam carpet cleaning Croydon offers more quality services that would prevent fading or breakage of the fibers.

Croydon homeowners can now rest assured that their carpets are perfectly clean by professionals who offer steam carpet cleaning services. Although it might cost them a bit more compared to the dry carpet cleaning services, it is well worth it. In the long run they will actually save more, because of the following few reasons, explained below:

Extending the Carpet’s Lifespan

Compared to some other carpet cleaning techniques, steam carpet cleaning Croydon protects the fibers and extends carpet’s lifespan. If you choose these services, your carpet will not only look clean and fresh, but it will last longer. If your carpet already has some pesky stains that have to be removed, using harsh chemicals for this purpose is not a good idea. Applying them will strip off the protective layers of the fibers and the carpet will become more vulnerable to wear. Soon, you might notice the first signs of tear and color fading. On the other hand, steam carpet cleaning techniques are gentle and they will lengthen the fibers strength and integrity.

Saving Money in the Long Run

Many people in Croydon prefer to skip steam carpet cleaning because of the higher rates they have to pay for it. However, this is actually false decision. Although they might pay less for the dry cleaning, they will save more if they use steam cleaning techniques. From the long-run perspective, it will not sound that confusing. When you use standard cleaning methods that cannot assure receiving high quality, the carpets start to accumulate dirt faster and you will need to use professional carpet cleaning services more frequently. On the other hand, using steam cleaning Croydon services will ensure that the carpet will not need another cleaning soon and will significantly prolong carpet’s life.

Removing the stubborn stains and marks

The amount of moisture used in steam carpet cleaning is very low, while dry cleaning methods do not use any water. People in Croydon tend to choose the dry method, as they don’t want to wait the carpets to dry up after the work of steam carpet cleaners. However, the dry cleaning method involves spreading powders all over the carpet. The chemicals contained in the powder attract the dust and dirt. After some time, the dry carpet cleaner vacuums the carpet to remove the particles and powder. That means that some of the chemicals and dust are released in the air in the process. However, it is not as effective in stains and marks removal. On the other hand, the steam carpet cleaning Croydon removes all permanent marks and stains from spills and the water used in the process does not allow contamination of the air.

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