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How to Dry Carpet After Cleaning?

It is common to see customers who are satisfied with the carpet cleaning results after the cleaning experts have left their house, who complain about the time needed for the carpet drying. Both commercial and private clients meet this issue and try to find ways to accelerate the process of carpet drying. This is especially valid for businesses, which want to reduce the waiting period to minimum.

For this reason, professional carpet cleaners give some tips for fast drying that people can apply at their homes or offices.

Fast Carpet Drying Tips

  • Ensure that the sprayer tip, hoses, vacuum systems, and filters work properly and are clean before starting the cleaning process
  • Carpet’s vacuuming is a necessity that should be done in the very beginning. It will remove the dry soils from the carpet’s fibres. As a result, less moisture will be required for carpet cleaning.
  • Ensure that you don’t overdo the pre-spraying. The more chemicals you use; the more moisture it will require to remove it later.
  • After the pre-spraying is done, use all available ceiling fans in the house, open the windows and use the ventilating systems to reduce the moisture.
  • The machine’s p.s.i. should be turn up as high as possible in order to achieve maximum moisture removal.
  • Alternate one wet stroke with two or even more dry strokes.
  • Reduce the use of vacuum hose to the possible minimum.
  • At strategic places just around the cleaned area install air movers.
  • It is worth to make use of new wand technologies for your carpet cleaning in order to accelerate the process of drying.

What other ways of carpet drying are available?

One of these methods is already mentioned above. This is opening the windows after the carpet cleaning to allow air flow. However, ensure to check the humidity outdoors beforehand, as this method helps only when it is below 50%. A hygrometer is a tool that measures the relative air humidity. Obviously, when it is wet outside, you will not achieve the desired result. Some people even use an outdoor and indoor hygrometer that helps them determine whether it is worthwhile to take advantage of this method or not. If the outdoor humidity is below 50%, you will have great chances to faster reduce the indoor moisture.

It usually takes between 3 and 10 hours for the carpet to dry. If it takes longer than that, especially if that is more than 48 hours, the mould may start to grow. That is the reason why it is advisable to perform carpet cleaning in the summer. While most people tend to make it during the spring or in the fall when the humidity is higher and it is more difficult for the carpet to dry then.

If you still have a hard time to dry your carpet after cleaning, probably the best option would be to contact carpet cleaning professionals, such as Mvir Cleaning that serves London and vicinity. Whether the carpet is cleaned on your own or by a cleaning company, you can contact cleaning experts if you see that it takes too long to dry the carpet. That way, you will prevent more problems, such as mould growth and decay of the fibres, as well as the need to eventually replace your carpet with a new one.


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