What is dry carpet cleaning?

Most people believe that dry carpet cleaning means that no moisture is included in this process. The fact is that this carpet cleaning method uses low moisture, but the carpet will still need some time for drying. Many carpet cleaners today use the dry foam procedure instead of spreading a dry powder believing that the foam doesn’t contain so many harsh chemicals. That procedure uses 10 percent foam mixture and 90 percent air and it is performed using a special machine called dry foam carpet cleaner.

Although some people modify their vacuum cleaner by adding a compressor to mix the air and the liquid and produce a foam solution, professional carpet cleaners use professional gear that is far more effective. A special liquid shampoo is added into the machine. It is designed for dry foam machines. The machine then uses the compressor and pressure tank to turn the shampoo solution into foam that is pushed out. The brush attachment is used to spread the solution on the carpet’s surface. It should stay for a while to get activated and clean every fiber. It raises the dirt and dust to the surface and is left to dry out, so they can be thoroughly clean after that. The whole area is then vacuumed to remove the residue.

Dry carpet cleaning method not always provide desired results, especially if the carpet is too dirty and neglected for long time. In order to increase the effectiveness of this method, the following steps should be made:

  • People should choose the right kind of detergent that will not destroy the fabric.
  • The right proportions of the cleaning detergent should be used.
  • People have to read and strictly follow recommendations left by the manufacturer on the label.
  • A special attention should be given to stubborn stains and the areas with heavy dirt before starting the cleaning.

Since dry foam procedure cannot do miracles, the carpet should be prepared as much as possible upfront to increase the cleaning effect.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Advantages

The advantages of this method include:

  • Unlike shampooing method, foam carpet cleaning doesn’t soak up the carpet and shortens the dry out time
  • This method allows large areas to be covered at a time
  • No wet patches occur in the process of carpet cleaning
  • It extracts the dirt from the bottom of the carpet
  • This is an affordable procedure that doesn’t cost much

Dry Carpet Cleaning Disadvantages

Despite all its benefits, dry carpet cleaning method has also cons that include:

  • You need to have a powerful and reliable extractor to perform the work with satisfying results
  • The carpet cannot be used immediately after the cleaning procedure, as it takes some time to dry out
  • The process doesn’t use high temperature as in steam carpet cleaning method, which means that some microbes, mites, and harmful microorganisms may remain alive and not be fully removed from the carpet.
  • The cleaning detergent contains chemicals, whereas the Mvir steam carpet cleaning method is completely chemical free, eco-friendly and safe method. That is why it is considered to be a better alternative to dry carpet cleaning.
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