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How to dry carpet after steam cleaning?

Probably, you intend to use professional cleaning services to steam clean your old carpets. Steam cleaning is the best possible option to make your carpet like brand new. Yet, the carpet should not be used immediately after steam cleaning, as it has accumulated a lot of moisture. It should dry properly, before you can start using it again. You need to take care to remove the moisture quickly. This will prevent the risk of mildew and bacteria growth, as well as unpleasant odour.

Tips on how to quickly dry your carpet

These tips will help you to get rid quickly of the excess moisture and dry our carpet.

  • You can accelerate evaporation in the summertime by turning on your air conditioner. You can also open the windows and doors to let the dry air in and to accelerate the air circulation. You may even turn on the fans in the bathroom and leave the bathroom’s door opened.
  • For the winter period, you could open some of the windows and turn on the heat. This will allow the hot and humid air to go out and to be replaced with dry heat.
  • If there is a furniture placed on the cleaned carpet, you don’t have to remove it in order the area beneath to dry. In case, the furniture is flat, the carpet cleaning expert will remove it from the room and will give you instructions when you could bring it back.
  • It is advisable to not walk on the carpet until it is completely dry. Otherwise, you may damage some of the fine carpet’s fibres. If you need to walk on it, you can do it with bare feet, but you should remember that your damp feet become sleeper if you go on the kitchen tiles. So, be careful.
  • If you notice that the carpet is still wet following 24 hours after cleaning, it is best to contact the carpet cleaning agency to come again and provide drying. They will probably come with some powerful fans to accelerate the process.
  • If the carpet is still not dry 48 hours after the cleaning, you can call the carpet cleaner to warn him that your carpet can develop mould. In that case, you will have to make an insurance claim. If after 24 hours he didn’t take any responsibility for drying your carpet, this will surely encourage him to hurry up.

The main methods to dry your carpet

So here are the main methods of carpet drying:

Fans – you can place a few fans around the room and turn them on. To cover different areas, you can move them once per hour. Turn on your ceiling fans too if you have any.

Ventilation – Wide open the windows to allow the moisture to come out. You can use this method, if the day is warm and the air humidity is low.

Dehumidifier – These machines are specially designed to collect the moisture, so you can use them to accelerate the drying.

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