How Effective Are The Services Of The Steam Carpet Cleaners London?

There is more and more demand for carpet cleaning services these days. For this reason, there are many carpet cleaners out there. But being a professional is not always associated with using the right machines. It is also about choosing the right carpet cleaning method, having vast knowledge of the different fibers’ specifics and to apply carpet restoration, grout cleaning and stain removal when needed. Of course, the professionals cannot make a qualitative work without using the best tools and high pressure washing equipment.

The type of equipment used by experienced steam carpet cleaners London will also depend of the location. If the client owns a multi-story building, the cleaners are going to use a portable carpet cleaner. They might provide different approach based on the place and carpet’s specifics.

There are five main techniques that are used by carpet cleaning companies to deal with dirty carpets.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Method

This method is called also hot water extraction. Steam carpet cleaners London are professionals who would pre-spray your carpet and agitate it. They would either do it manually or with machine with brushes. The soils and soap are then removed with hot water via wand and vacuuming. Carpet cleaning specialists will determine whether the carpet is synthetic or natural and will apply the right solutions to keep its integrity. To remove effectively the water and to leave almost dried carpet, they will use a truck mounted machine.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Method

This method consists of biodegradable products that are spread in a layer over the carpet. The professionals will then brush or scrub it, while the grime and dirt will be attracted to the compound. Usually, when carpet cleaners have commercial orders, they apply a cylindrical brush system.

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

The carpet cleaning professionals, who use this method, will spray the carpet’s surface with a pre-spray. They will use then a bonnet to scrub it with a rotation motion. The goal is that the soil is attracted to the absorbent and repeatedly rinsed to ensure great results.  However, since this method uses a considerable amount of water, the carpet has to dry out after the procedure before using it again. This is a quick solution that addresses only the top layer of the carpet and cannot reach the deeper part. It is ineffective if you would like to remove odors or stains.

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Method

This is a relatively new method invented about 25 years ago. It uses a powder that crystallizes or encapsulates the dirt. There are three ways to apply the cleaning solution: via rotary machine, brush applicator or compressor sprayer. This dry residue then is extracted with a strong vacuum cleaner to complete the cleaning process.


This method is not preferable after the encapsulation process emerged. The reason for this is leaving a sticky or foamy residue that quickly attracts new dirty particles and the carpet should be cleaned again pretty soon. Now, this method is used mainly by people who would like to clean their carpets by themselves, but end up damaging it.

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