Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Maintenance Recommendations and Tips

Unlike the steam carpet cleaning method, encapsulation cleaning is an interim method. The process itself is simple: you just need an encapsulating chemical to spread all over the dirty carpet, brush it into the fibres as much as possible and after a certain period of waiting, extract the residue with a vacuum cleaner. Usually, for working the detergent into the carpet, a bonnet or a rotary brush machine is used. The chemical surrounds the soil particles forming capsules or crystals. This way the dirt is released from the fibres and removed using a vacuum cleaner. As this is only an interim cleaning method, if you intend to maintain the carpet’s cleanliness, you need to regularly perform encapsulation carpet cleaning.

This method is preferred by some companies only for the reason that a very limited amount of moisture is used in the process. This means that people do not have to wait long hours until their carpet dries. It can be used almost right after the cleaning process is completed. Moreover, this method appears to be at a lower price compared to other carpet cleaning methods and most business owners are satisfied with the results.

Keep in mind that the encapsulation cleaning is not intended to be used by private people. It is a method designed particularly for commercial uses. Yet, the business owners cannot rely only to this single method. It is recommended that every 2 or 3 encapsulation carpet cleanings are followed by one steam carpet cleaning for best results.

How to Properly Perform Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning?

This procedure is made by carpet cleaning professionals who adhere to the following steps:

Step 1: The carpet is thoroughly vacuumed first, to remove all the large particles and dry soils that are on its surface.

Step 2: Then, they spray the encapsulate with a pump-up sprayer. It has to be diluted with water according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 3: Then, a waiting period of about 15 minutes follows.

Step 4: The carpet cleaning professional will use either a grooming brush, bonnet or cylindrical brush machine to work the detergent into the carpet as deep as possible.

Step 5: The carpet should dry and then is vacuumed again. During this procedure, the technician ensures that all the encapsulated debris are picked up and no residue is left in the carpet.

No need to wait any longer to use the cleaned carpet, which is perfect for many industries like hotels, hospitals, restaurants, theatres, etc. This method allows them to quickly refresh the available carpets that are a subject of a high traffic.

Drawbacks of the Encapsulation Cleaning

However, there are two drawbacks that should be kept in mind. First, this method uses a chemical that could affect the health of people, who work or live in those premises. Second, since this method cleans only the carpet’s surface, you should expect that the dirt will appear quite soon again. This means that the encapsulation cleaning method should be done regularly. For this reason, the cleaning specialists recommend to alternate this cleaning method with steam carpet cleaning now and then.

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