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End of Tenancy Cleaning Balham

You have a task at work that will take you long hours. Your family is demanding that once you are done, you will all go out for a lunch outing you have been postponing. You realise there are other important things that need your attention. Yet, your landlord is demanding that you must clean her flat before you move out for her to give you your deposit.

A little extra help when and whenever you need it

Professional cleaners from Mvir Cleaning are there to a little extra help in cleaning houses at the end of a lease agreement to busy families, the elderly and professionals like you. They come in handy because of a combination of factors, including:

No supervision

You are a busy professional and, therefore, you definitely do not have time to stand there and supervise how the cleaners do their job. Professional cleaners know their work so well you need not be there for them to do a good job. If you cannot trust them still, the easiest thing to do is to prepare a checklist and hand it to their boss and walk away. They will do their job to your satisfaction.


Such professional firms have experienced staff that often than not reside in nearby, meaning you will not have to wait or look for them to get your flat spruced up before you relocate.


You value the security of your property and family as you pack your belongings and, therefore, you cannot feel relaxed opening the doors into your bedroom to a total stranger. The good news is that most of the professional firms thoroughly vet and insure their cleaners for your peace of mind.


Given that you will pay the deposit and one, two or more month’s rent in advance for the house you are relocating into, you may fear that hiring a professional cleaner may be expensive for your pocket. The professional cleaners have structured their services into packages suitable for different pockets.


Cleaning a house with heavy or many pieces of furniture can be a tall order for you and your young family. Mvir Cleaning Company have adequate and trained staff who can safely move around such furniture, allowing them to access areas you have avoided or never reached to clean for years and is now weighed under a heap of hidden dust.

How do they bill you?

Most run-of-the-mill cleaners will bill you per call out and therefore see no problem with coming out for several appointments. This may mean them cleaning some parts and leaving others until the next call. Professional cleaners, however, always arrange to do all your cleaning services in one simple appointment. This would lead to a major saving.

Disposal of dirt/garbage

A thorough cleaning of a house that has not been well cleaned for years can generate a lot garbage. Disposal of such a hip of dirt may pose a major challenge to you if you opt to clean the house yourself. Professional cleaners backed by their equipment, knowledge and competence in waste disposal will take such a burden off your shoulders.


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