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End of Tenancy Cleaning Services in Beckenham

People, who are moving out, have too many duties, to take care of such a huge challenge like cleaning the entire house before leaving. Typically, they do not have both time and strengths to perform that bothersome task that would take days. Additionally, they usually do not have the knowledge and experience to perform that task the right way. That is why calling professional cleaners Beckenham will save them a lot of stress, efforts and time. The professionals will also keep them from loses that are quite often during DIY cleaning.

What tasks are included in the end of tenancy services?

Professional end of tenancy cleaners would cover a vast range of tasks to ensure the house is prepared for the new tenants. These services include:

  • Thorough carpet cleaning is performed to make the carpets look like new. All the stains will be removed and the dirt particles and dust will be extracted. Usually, carpet cleaners use either steam carpet cleaning method or dry carpet cleaning method with almost no water included. In result, no bacteria, mites and allergens left and the bad odor is removed. The whole premise gets a fresh and healthy air.
  • The next step is curtain cleaning. The cleaners will use processional solutions that will effectively remove the dirt and bad odor from the curtains while preserving their delicate fabric intact.
  • End of tenancy services also typically include indoor window washing, while if you require outdoor washing as well, you will need to pay additional fee for that. Obviously, clean windows would add to the total cleanness of the house, so implementing this service is recommended.
  • The walls and ceilings are washed to improve their condition.
  • Some people may need specific tasks to be performed such as garden and yard cleaning. Usually, these services are handled by other specialized companies. These specialized service providers would offer a variety of services that cleaning professionals do not offer. These would include swimming pool cleaning, lawn mowing, hedge cutting, etc. However, some cleaning experts might take these services too, so if you require them you can discuss with your chosen cleaning company in advance.


Professional cleaning companies advise people who are planning to move out to start planning the end-of-tenancy cleaning at least two weeks before their leaving. They need to make a list of the services that has to be done by professionals and the ones that they could perform on their own based on their budget. Obviously, supplementary cleaning services would increase the costs and people with a limited budget would not be able to afford them.

To find the best prices, make a research. Compare the prices of different cleaning companies in Beckenham to find the best offer. However, take in mind that too low prices may result in performing either low quality service or limited number of cleaning services. In both these cases, that would be a problem for you, so choose wisely.

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