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End of Tenancy Cleaning Streatham Common: How to Clean the Kitchen Before Moving Out

People, who are planning to move in a new place, should put their efforts into cleaning the house they are going to leave. The condition of the house should be as perfect as it was before you moved in. This challenging task can be done by cleaning professionals in Streatham Common, as it is hard to reach all the things that require cleaning. That is why tenants tend to use professional end of tenancy cleaning Streatham Common instead of doing everything on their own. Yet, if because of a tight budget you prefer to clean everything on your own, here are the most important things to consider when you clean the kitchen:


Floor and surfaces

It is advisable to start with the most important premise in the house, which is the kitchen. You will need to buy different cleaning solutions to clean different surfaces and areas. Probably, the first step would be the floor cleaning that would include scrubbing, mopping or vacuuming.

Appliances and oven

The next step is to clean the appliances. For this purpose, you can use a cleaning paste or even a baking soda and scrub the surfaces with a cloth. To avoid scratches, avoid using a heavy material. When the time for oven cleaning comes, apply a grease remover or an oven cleaner.


Next step is cleaning a refrigerator.  In order to do that unplug the fridge first. Then, remove everything from inside and start cleaning each item separately including the bins, drawers and shelves. Now, it is ready to be washed inside. It is easier to clean the sides if you move the fridge from the wall. After it is done, leave it open to easier dry before using it.

Closets and cabinets

In order to clean the closets and cabinets in the kitchen, choose a mild cleaner for the parts that are inside. Ensure that the solution will not damage the paint if any. If the cabinets are made of wood, choose a wood cleaner instead of a common solution. The common cleaners may dampen the wood and it will emit a bad odour. For the grease stains, apply baking soda mixed with some water. Do not forget to open the doors and windows in the process of cleaning to ensure proper ventilation. The air flow will also help in removing the bad odours.


Next come sinks. Use a bleach that contain no chlorine to clean them properly. In order to do that, fill some water and a small portion on the bleach in a spray bottle to spray the liquid on the sink. Use a face mask and protection glasses to protect your face. Let it stay that way for 20 min. Then, soak the plugs in the solution and brush and rinse the sink removing both the dirt and bleach from it. To remove the odour, mix some water with baking soda and pour it in the drain. Let it stay for a few minutes before pouring water again.

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