Factors affecting carpet cleaning prices

People, who have to use professional carpet cleaning services, usually worry about the cost. How much are professionals going to take for their services? And these worries are reasonable as these services are commonly overpaid. To prevent paying too much for professional carpet cleaning, you have to know some of the factors that can negatively affect the price of the cleaning services, so you can avoid them successfully.

Factors for overpricing the carpet cleaning services

The size of your carpet

In fact, the carpet cleaning professionals always consider the size of the carpets to determine the rates. They will measure the total square footage, so they can quote the cost based on the size.

The carpet’s condition

It is clear that the more soiled your carpet is, the higher will be the cost for its cleaning. Lightly soiled carpets will cost much less money to clean. So if you would like to save some money on professional carpet cleaning, maintain your carpet regularly by performing vacuum cleaning.

Removing of furniture

Should they remove the furniture to access the carpeting before work? If so, they will include that work into the price. To save some money, clean the room upfront by removing the furniture by yourself, so that the carpet cleaning specialists can focus entirely on their main work.

Additional carpet related services

Additional services such as stain removal or carpet repair will cost additional money. If your carpet features some burns, tearing, discolouration or stubborn stains, you will have to pay additional money to the cleaning company, so they can improve the overall condition of your carpet.

What cleaning company should you choose?

Some carpet cleaning companies offer too low price for their services. Do not choose them, as a suspiciously low price means compromising with the quality. You don’t want to pay twice for the same service. That is why, it is better to choose a cleaning company that offers an average market price. If you opt for a company with high reputation, you risk to be overcharged, as they have too many clients. You can safely opt for a middle class company, which will offer you services with the same quality but at a reduced price, just because they want to increase their reputation.

Other factors that are significant in price estimation

Companies that work with the latest technology will charge you more for their services than traditional carpet cleaning companies with ordinary equipment.

Those carpet cleaning professionals that are available every single day would charge you more than if they don’t work during the weekends. That is because they come at the client’s convenience, which is usually not during the working hours.

Carpet cleaning companies that apply eco-friendly cleaning solutions usually charge a bit more than those who use chemicals. However, if you have a pet or baby at home or if any member of your family has asthma or lung related disease, you would rather have to choose the more expensive eco-friendly cleaning than a cheap carpet cleaning service packed with chemicals.

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