End of tenancy cleaning in St John's Wood, NW8 postcode area

Finding the Right Company to Perform End of Tenancy Cleaning Wandsworth

End of tenancy cleaning Wandsworth is an overwhelming task that many tenants would prefer to entrust to professional end of tenancy cleaners. These companies are in demand because of the great quality they provide in cleaning and the guarantees they give. Moreover, they save people much worries and hassles.

It is important to be able to rely on the help of professionals when it comes to leaving the old rented house and moving to a new one. A perfectly clean house would guarantee that the homeowner will not keep your deposit for himself. If everything in the house is clean and intact, you will get all your money back.

When you choose an end of tenancy cleaning company in Wandsworth, here are some things to take into consideration:

What their end-of-tenancy cleaning package includes?

You have to be very specific when you explain the cleaners your needs. You have a contract with your landlord that describes in details the condition of the house before you moved in and what is expected from you before you move out. Show this list of requirements to the cleaning company and ask them whether they able to provide all these services. If the answer is positive, ask them about the methods they use to perform this cleaning. It is always better to opt for eco-friendly cleaning rather than one that uses chemicals.

What is the price?

Make sure to ask for the price, as your will probably have a budget that you would not like to overextend. Ask them whether they will bill you a fixed fee or per hour fee and do not opt for a company that offers the lowest prices in the industry. They can be a scam and their services might not be as qualitative as you might wish. The worse thing is that you will end up losing the money you paid them together with your deposit, as your landlord will probably hold it to pay for a more expensive cleaning company, which will deliver the required cleaning results.

Security Issues

Another factor to consider is security, as both you and your landlord should have peace of mind when professional cleaners come to the house. Moreover, many customers prefer to leave the cleaners to do their job in their absence, so you need to be sure that nothing valuable will be stolen. That is why, you need to ask about the cleaners’ background and the feedback left from their previous clients. The cleaning company has to ensure you about the reliability of all their staff, which not only should be legal UK residents, but also properly insured and certified.

Tell the cleaning professional your requirements


You need to communicate with the cleaners directly to tell them about your needs and requirements. If you are open enough before beginning of the job, they will know what exactly your expectations are and will do their best to satisfy them. If the service is not up to the highest level, they will be willing to redo the whole job. Ensure you hire an end of tenancy company that gives a guarantee for quality.

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