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Forest Hill Steam Carpet Cleaning: Professional or DIY?

The summer season is usually busy for all homeowners, while the autumn is time for thorough house cleaning. Forest Hill citizens search for effective ways to reduce dust and remove accumulated odors and stains before approaching of the winter holidays. One of the main concerns is carpet cleaning, which is difficult to complete by your own.

The other option is to hire Forest Hill steam carpet cleaners to do professional house cleaning that would include a range of services, such as carpet cleaning, mattress cleaning, upholstery cleaning, curtain cleaning and more. This will allow you to bring guests to your home without worries for the level of cleanness.

What is the difference between professional steam carpet cleaning and dry carpet cleaning?

Steam cleaning is a method based on water that significantly differs from dry chemical cleaning method. Carpet cleaning professionals do not rely completely on the steam to clean the dirty carpets. They add green detergent to the cleaning machine that is activated by hot water.

On the other hand, dry cleaning is completely based on chemicals. It is associated with toxic risks that completely absent in the steam carpet cleaning method. Obviously, there is no need to wait for the carpet to dry in order to be used after cleaning. However, most people prefer to wait for a while and to use steam carpet cleaning method to avoid all health hazards.

DIY Steam Carpet Cleaning

If you wish to perform steam carpet cleaning at home by yourself, instead of calling Forest Hill carpet cleaning professionals, you need to follow the steps described below:

  • Vacuum the whole carpet thoroughly before starting the process of steam cleaning. Unlike, regular back-and-forth vacuuming, you need to apply proper vacuuming to prepare the carpet for steam cleaning. First, remove all the obstacles from the carpet, such as toys, books and so on. Remove also the furniture and dust all the baseboards. Vacuuming should be performed very slowly in two directions. After you finish with the first direction, rotate to an angle of 90 degree and repeat the process. This will allow you to vacuum the twisted fibers.
  • The next step is to treat the stains. You can use a puppy knife to remove the hard particles. To remove the stains from fabric, you can apply a soapy hot water while carefully avoid over spraying. You don’t want to grow mildew on that place.
  • The room should also be prepared before the steam cleaning to protect the furniture. You might need to remove the furniture from their places for about one day until the carpet dries.
  • For the actual process of carpet cleaning, you can use soap and boiling water that needs to be filled in the machine’s tank. Some use a white vinegar and boiling water on the second go-through to lift away grime and dirt.

Many people prefer to save all these hassles and call a professional Forest Hill steam carpet cleaning company that guarantees excellent results. The company will also save them a lot of time, completing the whole procedure for about an hour.

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