How to Get Rid of Damp Smell After Carpet Cleaning?

You have woken up or walked into your house after a hard day’s work only for this strong unpleasant smell to hit you literally right it face. It is making it uncomfortable for you to sit in the house. You then decide that whatever it takes you must get rid of the smell.

Identify source

You are, however, lost because you do not know the source of the smell. In any case, you just cleaned your carpet, which is usually the main source of all manner of smells in your house. To get rid of the smell, you must identify its source and the tackle it.

Damp smell after carpet cleaning

Professional Mvir Cleaning company avoids wetting your carpet’s lower layers, backing, or underlay when cleaning it. They use a minimum amount of water to clean its upper surface or fibres. This limits the chances of it smelling. If, however, you clean it yourself, chances are you will use a lot of water. Unless you dry it well, it may start emitting irritating smells. This because the carpet’s backing or underlay is contaminated.

Spills effects

It is, however, possible that something that spilled on your carpet—milk, pet urine, rotten subfloor, etc.—will not smell as long as the carpet remains dry. The moment you clean the carpet, you essentially introduce moisture thereby reactivating the smells.

Remove the moisture

If you had used a lot of water when cleaning the carpet, the first step is to try to remove as much moisture as possible by repeatedly vacuum-only passing it. This will get rid even the smell of stuff the spilled on the carpet before cleaning it.

Apply deodoriser

If you apply a general deodoriser to the carpet after cleaning, it will kill any germs present as the carpet dries. The deodoriser’s fragrance will last a day or two before clearing away.

Apply an antimicrobial or germicide

Alternatively, you may need to apply a chemical, in this case an antimicrobial or germicide, to the carpet’s top surface or fibres to neutraliee any germs present. If, however, the smell does not go away, lift up the carpet, apply the antimicrobial or germicide to its underlay, and floor.

Do not re-clean the carpet

Your cleaned carpet smells because of bacteria.  Moisture assists the bacteria to grow. Therefore, do not clean again your smelling carpet because it will make the smell worse since the moisture will boost the bacteria growth.

Professional cleaner

If you try all these and the smell does not go away, you may need to enlist the services of a professional cleaner. This is because with their advanced technology and cleaning solutions, they will manage to get rid of the smell.

Get rid of the carpet

If, however, worse comes to worst and even the professional cleaner fails to solve your problem, you may be forced to get rid of your carpet and treat your floor surface well before acquiring a new carpet.

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