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Getting Rid of the Bad Odour While You Perform Mattress Cleaning Belmont

You do not like the current smell of your mattress? You think that it smells worse than a wet dog? Then, you have to take some measures to cope with that situation. In fact, many people in Belmont have the same kind of problem, so that is not something new. Especially, if you have a dog at home with which you like to sleep. Just imagine how much dirt, grime and sweat can the dog hair accumulate. Then, all this dirt is easily transferred to the mattress by your dog. That is how your mattress slowly becomes to stink.

Taking appropriate measures

Before calling professional mattress cleaners, you have to do something to prevent this from happening again. What you have to do is to get your dog a mattress where it will start to sleep alone. Although you might get used to sleeping with your dog not less than it might get used to it, its hair can cause various allergic reactions that is better to be avoided. Besides the dirt and allergens, you are imposed to bacterial infections too when you sleep with your dog.

Now, practical tips on getting rid of bad odour

To clean your mattress on your own, follow the tips below

Tip 1: What you need to do first is to take your dirty mattress outside. If that is an open space, the better, but choose a clean platform to place it on. Next, start to vacuum clean it thoroughly from all sides. In the process, you have to completely remove all the pet hair. At least, there should not be any visible dog hair left on the mattress.

Tip 2: Make cleaning solution that will help you remove the bad odour. To do it, mix white vinegar with lukewarm water in a ration 1:2. Another option would be to substitute the vinegar with lemon juice for those who cannot endure the smell of vinegar. After making a mixture, pour it in a spray bottle and spray all over the mattress from all sides. Let the solution react for an hour or so. It will disinfect the mattress and will refresh its odour.

Tip 3: After letting it sit enough time, damp a clean towel in clean water, wring out the moisture and wipe the mattress surfaces. In that way, you will be able to remove the homemade solution you place an hour or so ago.

Tip 4: Next step is to get baking soda and sprinkle it all over the mattress. You can rub the soda a bit to help it penetrate deeper into the fabric and remove the odour. Another advantage that the baking soda provides is successful removing of soils and stains, so it offers a double benefit.

Tip 5: Let the soda sit for another hour and then vacuum the mattress again. This will remove the residues left by the baking soda and will make the smell much fresher.

Tip 6: The final step is to leave your mattress in a sunny place to completely dry before using. Moreover, the sunny rays will eliminate harmful bacteria and germs.

If you feel that it is too much work to complete on your own, you can always turn to professional Mattress Cleaning Belmont company like Mvir Cleaning.

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