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What is Good for Cleaning Cream Carpets?

Regardless of all your efforts, your carpet can still become a victim of accidental spills, drops, or dirty shoes that can ruin its look. The owner of Mvir Cleaning Company that serves the entire London area with a big experience in this field reveals some of their secrets to help you in such kind of issues.


Instead of Rubbing the Stains, Blot Them

When treating the stains, use a paper towel, sponge or clean cloth to blot the affected area and soak up the stain with light pressure. If you rub the carpet instead, the stain will go deeper into the fibres and will eventually lead to their premature breakdown. Remember that the direction for blotting should be from outside to the centre and never in the opposite direction.

Using a Club Soda

Using properly the club soda ensures that the wine and beer stains can be removed. Apply the soda on a cloth and blot the affected area with it. In case, it does not work, you can add white vinegar to the water in ration 1:1 and use a handheld sprayer to apply the liquid. After spraying, let it soak in for about 15 minutes, after which use a clean sponge to soak up the stain. If the stain is too stubborn, you may have to repeat the process several times.

When the stain finally disappears, you can rinse the area with warm water and brush the carpet with your hand. After that, use a paper towel to absorb the carpet’s dampness and to accelerate the process of drying. In about one day the carpet will be completely dry and ready to be used again.

Using a shaving cream

This is amazingly effective solution for general stains. To treat the stain, apply directly on the spot and leave it to stay for 30 minutes. Then use a dry white cloth to blot it away. And then use vinegar mixed with equal part water.

How to remove a gum?

The gum may accidently get attached to your shoe without even you notice that until you stepped on the carpet and see the mess it causes. There is an effective way to remove it without leaving any traces. Just get from the freezer two ice cubes and freeze the gum with them for 30 seconds. The gum will become solid and can be easily lifted up with a spoon. If any strands are affected, they should be cut as close to the gum as possible, as cutting a little bit from the carpet should not get noticeable.

How to remove the grease?


Grease is very difficult to get rid of, but there is a way to cope with that issue. You can use one or two drops of dishwashing detergent intended to remove the grease and mix it in a cup of water. It will wok the same way as on the dishes and it will remove the grease from the carpet, too. The ready solution should be placed into a spray bottle and applied that way, after which you need to blot it up. The larger stains may need several applications before the grease is completely removed.

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