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Helpful DIY Carpet Cleaning Advices From Fulham Experts

People in Fulham, who have carpets in their home, find out that the carpet is not only an aesthetic and practical tool that one can neglect. When bringing it at home, you also take on the responsibility for its cleanness and proper maintenance. Sometimes, you might do your best to clean the carpet and keep it well maintained, but because of accidents and carelessness of someone else, there could be spills or drops that threat to ruin the fabric.


In such cases, you can just turn to Fulham carpet cleaning company that will cope with the issues and will save both your carpet and your money. In case, you would prefer to take care of the problem on your own, you can follow the advices of professional Fulham carpet cleaners, given below:


  • Blot the stain without rubbing the spot. It is extremely important, as rubbing may cause the particles to get deep onto the carpet fibers. This can prematurely breakdown them and eventually will shorten the carpet’s lifespan. Since blotting outward may spread the stain even more, be sure to blot from the outside inward. For blotting, use paper towels, a clean cloth or a sponge.
  • If the stains are caused by wine or beer, you can use club soda as an effective way to remove them.
  • Shaving cream is a surprisingly effective solution for DIY carpet cleaning. The general stains can be easily removed that way. Just apply the shaving cream directly to the spot and let it set for half an hour before blotting it with a white cloth. You can make a mixture of half part water and half part vinegar and spray it over. After it is set for a while, wipe it away with a cloth.
  • Gum can be removed from the carpet’s fibers by freezing it with ice cubes. Just freeze the gum for about 30 seconds until it turns into solid. You can use a spoon to lift the glob up and cut the strands. Even if you cut some small amount of the carpet’s strands, that will not be noticeable and in the same time you will have your gum problem resolved.
  • How to deal with grease? Since this is a difficult-to-clean substance, it requires special treatment. To remove it, just drop one or two drops of a dishwashing detergent in some water to make a carpet cleaning solution. Use a spray bottle to spray on the stains and blot it up. If you have to deal with stubborn stains or larger in size, you may need to repeat the procedure multiple times.
  • Burning candles can bring a romantic atmosphere in the house, but it may also result in dropping melted wax on the carpet. To remove it, it is recommended to heat it back up using an iron. Before ironing, put a cloth over the place, so the wax can stick on it after melting. Just repeat the application several times to remove all the wax.


Hopefully, all these advices will help you in maintaining your carpet clean. If you feel unable to cope with your carpet related issues, just call a Fulham carpet cleaning company to make the job for you.

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