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Where to Hire Carpet Cleaning Machines?

All those who don’t have big enough budget to pay for a professional cleaning company, instead can opt for renting a carpet cleaning machine. Such a machine is of necessity for carpets with a high traffic, as they become very dirty over time. To loosen the dirt that has been accumulated in the bottom layers of the carpet, choose a steam carpet cleaner that uses hot water and a detergent.


How much it costs?


While the average price for cleaning a single room by a professional cleaning company is about £20, hiring a Carpet Cleaning Machine from Rug Doctor will cost you at least £22.99 for 24 hrs. Plus 1 litter of the detergent costs £10 more. If you can clean the entire house for a day, it is worth to rent a cleaner. However, if you have only one room to clean, it is much better to call professional Mvir carpet cleaners, who will complete the entire work at more affordable price.


Where to rent from?


Besides Rug Doctor Company we already mentioned, cleaning machines can be rented from B&G Cleaning Systems LTD and WB Floor Machines company – all of which are UK companies.

Useful Tips Before Renting a Carpet Cleaner:

Rental Period

For what time period can you rent a carpet cleaning machine?

To save money, most people choose to rent for a day only. However, if you intend to clean many rooms in your house, you might ask for more time than 24-hour period. If you opt for multiple days, ask for available discount. Keep in mind that the cleaning might prolong longer than you initially expect, especially you have no or little experience in that work.

Additional Expenses

Remember that besides renting a carpet cleaner, you will also need to buy a cleaning detergent. Usually, the company that offers cleaners for renting, sells specific detergent as well. Take into consideration that there are different types of cleaning agents – some are for upholstery and mattresses, while others are intended for carpets. Ensure you use the right kind to avoid hassles and deteriorated fabric.

Choose a Certified Carpet Cleaner

To ensure whether your chosen steam carpet cleaner is certified, you may need to turn to the Carpet and Rug Institute whether it is effective in carpet cleaning or not. They apply a CRI testing procedure and issue three types of certification – gold, silver and bronze. Before you rent any machine, ensure it has one of these certificates.


The weight of the cleaning machine is important consideration that should be planned in advance. This will help you save hassles during its transportation on the one hand, while also will make its pushing around the house more convenient on the other hand. If your machine is too big, this also means more expenses on cleaning solution and water.

The Process of Drying

How long it will take for the carpet to dry after the cleaning procedure? It depends on multiple factors, but typically it ranges between 2 and 10 hours. If you have to cope with stubborn stains, the drying time will increase even more. Keep it from using until it is completely dry.


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