How Do I Make Homemade Cleaner for Carpet Cleaning Machines: Carpet Care & Cleaning

There are many ways to do a carpet cleaning solution on your own, but we will discuss a few of them here that I consider the best. If you intend to apply DIY carpet cleaning using your carpet cleaning machine, then this recipe would be of help. To make a carpet cleaning solution, you need a liquid dish soap and hot water.

How to make a homemade cleaner for a carpet cleaning machine?

So let’s start with preparing the solution. Take a bucket and add a few drops of your dish soap there. Then, fill the entire bucket with hot water. Remember, do not pour too much soup, as it will result in much residue in your carpet later. A few drops are enough. After adding the water, you will see that lather is formed on the surface. Now, you are ready to pour this solution into your carpet cleaning machine and clean your dirty carpet.

Ensure that you run the machine several times over the places that are a subject to high traffic or look too dull. After you complete the cleaning, use a powerful vacuuming machine to remove all excessive moisture and residue from the washed fibres. You can use fans and air conditioner as well to accelerate the drying period.

What about the bad odour?

In case, you have completed the above instructions, but you still notice that there is bad odour that the carpet emits, you can do the following: combine some white vinegar with hot water in a ratio 1:5 and clean the carpet. Obviously, it will obtain the smell of the vinegar at first, but as soon as it dries, the bad odour will be noticeable no more. The vinegar is the best known household ingredient that combats the bad odour and refreshes the entire carpet.

How to deal with the stains?

There could be some places on the carpet that cannot be cleaned neither by the soap solution nor by the vinegar. What to do in such a case?  To deal with stains and spots, the baking soda should come into play. Actually, there are a few options to proceed.

Option #1: it is usually applied for fresh stains. If you or someone else at home spills something on the carpet, take some baking soda and spread it directly above the spillage until there is a dry soda on the top. If it continues to absorb moisture, keep adding more and more dry soda until the top is completely dry and let it stay until the stain dries. Then get a vacuum cleaner and remove the residue.

Option #2: If you have to deal with an old stain, you can pour some Hydrogen peroxide directly on the stain. It should start fizzing. Let it complete the process, then use a dry and clean cloth to remove the excess moisture.

Attention! Always try that method on an invisible place first to avoid any discolouration or ruining the fabric.

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