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Carpet cleaning can never be called an easy job. It takes too much time, attention, vigorous efforts, etc. to return the presentable look of the carpet. A single drop is enough to cause a stubborn stain that cannot be removed whatever cleaning solutions you try. If so, some people ask why then we need carpets at all. Well, the reasons for this a several:

  • Carpets add to the aesthetic look of the indoor décor
  • They protect the flooring
  • They add to the comfort of the family, giving warm to the feet

Yet, these valuable pieces should be maintained to continue be beneficial. Vacuum cleaning is not enough to provide the required level of cleanness. For this reason, it is important to use the services of professional carpet cleaners at least once per year.

However, Mvir Cleaning provides valuable carpet cleaning tips that will help you remove stains at your own. To start with, you need to be aware that all stains are different and cannot be removed with the same cleaning technique or approach. So the right cleaning method will depend on the stain origin.

When you try to deal with the stains on your carpet, take advantage of the following tips:

  • Don’t rub the stain, as it will make the situation worse

Usually, people do exactly what they should not do – they start to rub the stain in order to remove it. In fact, this makes it more horrible and stubborn than before, so this is the wrong way to react. What is the right way? Take a clean towel and start to soak and blot the stain starting from the edges toward the centre. Another method is to sponge the towel in cleaning solution and then dab on the affected area.

  • Hydrogen peroxide as affordable and accessible cleaning solution

If your stain is caused by blood, it is best to opt for Hydrogen peroxide that can be bought from any drug store. Dap a cotton in it and then on the blood stain. You will be amazed how quickly the stain will disappear.

  • Use of a shaving cream

In fact, the shaving cream could be a great cleaning tool that can remove any kind of stains from your carpet. To apply it, directly place a generous amount of it on the stain and let it sit for some time to react. The next step is to mix equal parts of water and white vinegar and using that solution scrap off the shaving cream. You will find out a big difference on the carpet’s surface.

  • Cleaning with baking soda

If the stain is caused by beer or liquor, then basing soda will come in handy. The soda can easily clean this kind of stains. The same solution as in the previous point from water and vinegar can be also applied here. If the stain persists, you can repeat the soda application several times.

  • Using ice cubes

This is the ideal solution for sticky stains such as a dropped candy or chewing gum on the carpet. Freeze the gum or candy with an ice cube for a minute and after it becomes solid, you will be able to easily remove it using tongs.



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