How to clean carpet on stairs?

Living in a multi-story house is a privilege, but it can turn into a disadvantage when it is a time to start cleaning the carpet on stairs. If you just neglect this duty, you will soon notice how dirty and dull your stairs will start to look, as this area is a subject to high traffic.

If you have never done carpet cleaning of stairs, the best option would be to hire a local professional carpet cleaning company that will do this work for you. However, if you prefer to do this work on your own, the following steps of this process will help you complete this difficult task successfully.

What you will need?
You need to have a stiff brush that will help you loosen all the hardened dirt, a vacuum cleaner, which is powerful enough to suck up the dust and dirt, a shampoo, and a carpet cleaning machine or towels. So let’s take a look at the steps that has to be taken in their right order.

Step 1: Use the brush to remove hard debris

The stubborn debris that are stuck to the carpet’s fibers cannot be loosen by a vacuum cleaner. You will need a brush or a special attachment that will allow the vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt. The best option would be to start from the top and move down. Use the stiff brush to lose the dirt and sweep it down to the next stair to keep the dirt together.

Step 2: Remove the loosened debris with a vacuum cleaner

The next step is to get your vacuum cleaner, to increase the intensity to the maximum and vacuum the dirt. It will be very convenient for you to use a cordless vacuum machine that is lightweight, so you can easily operate up and down the stairs, but if you do not have such, a regular vacuum cleaner should also work fine with some cautiousness. Again, it is better to start vacuuming from the top and move each step down.

Step 3: It’s time to apply the shampoo

Obviously, the vacuuming will not be enough to give the stairs the original good look. For this reason, a cleaning agent should be used in the process. Take a carpet shampoo and apply it by hand using a scrubbing brush. Although this is a time consuming work, it is very effective and you can apply some extra solution and efforts to the dirtier areas. You will greatly facilitate the hard work if you rent a carpet cleaning machine and use it on stairs. But be aware, many people who did that got back injuries because of falling down the stairs together with the heavy-duty machine.

Step 4: The process of drying

To remove all the excessive moisture, you can do one of these three options:

  • Use a carpet cleaner to dry the stairs, which is the recommended option.
  • Use some clean and dry towels to absorb the excessive moisture.
  • Leave it a few days without using the stairs to dry naturally. This option is not recommended not only because of the inconvenience of not using the stairs for quite a long period, but because of the danger of appearance of mould and other bacteria that could affect your health.

Hopefully, these simple steps, given to you by Mvir Cleaning will help you clean your stairs. If you feel like you are unable to do it all alone, you can call to Mvir Cleaning for help.



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