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How to Make a Natural Carpet Cleaning Solution?

No matter how hard people try, stains on the carpet are a part of our life and sooner or later they appear on our valuable carpet. They not only make the carpet unattractive, but also affect the look of the entire room, so the sooner you get rid of them, the better.

Since there are some chemicals that the stain cleaning solutions you can find in the market contain, and it is not recommended to use them, especially if you have kids at home, we offer here a good way to substitute these chemicals with a safe natural carpet cleaning solution. Although it is safe for your health, we cannot say for sure that it is safe for all kinds of fabric, so test it in advance before you apply it all over the carpet.

The whole process of carpet cleaning at home will take a few easy steps, so let us consider them one by one.


This is especially important for wet stains. If you have just experienced a spillage or something like kid or per urine, or someone dropped some wine or ketchup on the carpet, spread baking soda right away directly on the affected area.

How to do that the right way?

Sprinkle as much baking soda as to completely cover the entire stain. If it becomes wet, continue to add more baking soda on the top until the upper layer is dry. Then, leave it for 5 minutes and vacuum up.

If you have to deal with a urine stain, which is typically quite stubborn, then mix some borax powder with the baking soda before sprinkle it over. The ratio should be 3 parts of soda to 1 part of borax.  It will help you not only remove the stain but the bad odour as well. Moreover, if that is a pet stain, the pet will not go to re-wet the place because of the borax.

The myth about vinegar and the urine stains

You will not be able to remove a urine stain with vinegar, as the urine is alkaline and the vinegar is acidic, so they react. The proportion here plays a vital role otherwise the situation can become even worse. You need to mix 3 cups of warm water with 1 cup of vinegar to make the right proportion. The vinegar is effective for aromatizing and removes the bad odour, but it will definitely not work on this phase of pre-treatment. Also, when applying vinegar, be aware of possible discoloration that it might cause.

The process of carpet cleaning itself

Probably, the most natural and safe cleaning solution that can help you get rid of the dirt and that leaves no residue is the warm water. You can use a carpet cleaning machine to refresh the entire carpet. Although it will not be able to deal with the stubborn stains, it will be effective in removing the soil and dirt.  The hot water will also eliminate all the hidden mites and allergens that reside inside. So you will have to just wait for the carpet to dry before you can use it again.

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