How to Remove Crayon from Carpet?

Crayon stains on the carpet could look like a disaster that requires professional carpet cleaning services. In fact, there are some ways to remove the crayon from the carpet with household methods. So if such an accident happens at your home, do not panic, but try one of these simple methods recommended by the specialists.

#1 Remove crayon with soapy water

The crayon could be effectively removed from the carpet’s surface by scraping it with a knife that is not too sharp. In case, it is hard to be scrapped because of the soft condition of the crayon, you can freeze the place with an ice cube. After freezing, you will find out that it will become much easier to scrape up. The tiny pieces could be then vacuumed. Next, make a mixture of warm water and liquid dish soap and apply it on the spot. Remember to test this solution on a small area before applying it. If no discoloration is noticed, you can safely apply it on the affected area and wait for a few minutes to get activated. Then, take a clean cloth to absorb the moisture. Remember to never wipe or rub the stain directly to prevent pushing colours deeper into the carpet’s piles that could be damaged permanently.

Finally, after removing the mixture with soapy water, you can rinse the place with some clean water and dry it with another cloth. To make the drying process faster, you can vacuum it or use a fan.

#2 Remove crayon using an iron

Another very efficient method of removing the crayon is the method used for removing gum from the carpet. Just take an iron and try to melt the crayons at a low temperature, by placing a cloth float between the carpet’s surface and the iron. After melting, the crayon should stick to the cloth surface and be easily removed from the carpets fibres. To remove all the residue, use some soapy water and using with clean clothes blot the area to make it area dry. In case the stain is not completely removed, try to repeat the procedure with ironing after it is completely dry.

#3 Remove crayon with a carpet cleaner

To start this cleaning method, take the knife and scrape away as much crayon as possible. Then, apply a carpet cleaner on the affected area. Always ensure that the solution used in the carpet cleaner is safe for your type of carpet. Before applying it, read carefully all the instructions and try it on a hidden area.

If there are no signs of discoloration, you can apply it directly on the spot and let it set for a few minutes. The more stubborn the stain is, the more carpet cleaning solution is required, so apply it generously if that is the case. Using a clean towel blot the area and raise it with some clean water. Do not over wet the place to allow it air dry fast.

We believe that these three methods will allow you quickly resolve the problem with your crayon spot on the carpet. If you still need professional help, you can turn to MVIR Cleaning Company.

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